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Healthwatch: Prison Expansion Linked To Drug-Related DeathsA look at today's health headlines.
CDC Links Salmonella Outbreak With Pig Ear Dog TreatsCould the treats you're feeding your dog be making you or your family sick? The Center for Disease Control says yes.
Healthwatch: Men Gain Twice As Much Weight As Women During Freshman YearDuring their first year of college, men eat more fried chicken and donuts -- and drink more beer and liquor -- than women. They also gain twice as much weight, according to a study published Wednesday that analyzed the so-called "Freshman 15."
HealthWatch: Possible Breakthrough On HIV TreatmentU.S. researchers said they have found a way to effectively eliminate HIV in animals.
HealthWatch: Generic Drugs May Cost More For Certain DiseasesPeople enrolled in Medicare Part D may be paying more for generic drugs than brand names, according to a study from Vanderbilt University.
Healthwatch: 53M People Experience Harm Due To Someone Else's DrinkingThe latest health headlines.
Salmonella Outbreak Linked To PapayaSixty-two people in eight US states have fallen ill this year from Salmonella related to fresh papayas imported from Mexico, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
HealthWatch: Flu Vaccine Ineffective Because It Was A Mismatch To StrainThe CDC said the recent flu vaccine did not work so well because it was a mismatch for the H3N2 strain that popped up after the season was well underway.
HealthWatch: People Who Gain Weight When Older May Lower Risk Of ALSHealthWatch: People Who Gain Weight When Older May Lower Risk Of ALS
HealthWatch: Brain Enzyme Could Be Target To Fight Alzheimer's DiseaseResearchers at the University of Alabama have identified a brain enzyme that could be a future target to battle Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.
Study: Common Prescription Tied To Higher Dementia Risk In Older AdultsScientists have long found a possible link between anticholinergic drugs and an increased risk of dementia.
HealthWatch: 33 New Measles Cases, Including 4 In Baltimore, Bring Year's Total To 1,077Health officials have confirmed 33 new cases of measles last week, bringing the total to 1,077 in 28 states this year.
HealthWatch: Veterans With PTSD Twice As Likely To Die From SuicideA new study says veterans who are treated for post-traumatic stress disorder are twice as likely to die from suicide, accidental injury or viral hepatitis.
HealthWatch: 1 in 3 Cancer Survivors Suffer From Chronic PainHealthWatch: 1 in 3 Cancer Survivors Suffer From Chronic Pain
HealthWatch: Obesity In Childhood Can Have Long-Term EffectsLondon researchers find people who are obese from childhood through middle age are more than twice as likely to have difficulty with daily tasks by the time they are 50 years old.
HealthWatch: 95 Percent Of Healthcare Workers Worked While SickA new study finds up to 95 percent of people working in healthcare settings have worked while sick.
HealthWatch: States That Expanded Medicaid Have Fewer Child Neglect CasesHealthWatch: States That Expanded Medicaid Have Fewer Child Neglect Cases
HealthWatch: Study Finds Body Fat Causes Cardiovascular DiseasesHealthWatch: Study Finds Body Fat Causes Cardiovascular Diseases
HealthWatch: Eating A Lot Of Red Meat Increases Death Risk, Study SaysA new study shows eating a lot of red meat, especially processed red meat, can increase the risk of death.
Healthwatch: Study Says Medical Marijuana Doesn't Reduce Opioid DeathsHealthwatch: Study Says Medical Marijuana Doesn't Reduce Opioid Deaths

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