Tom Butterfield, owner of Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

Thomas Barbour Butterfield
Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

Tom has always held great belief in the human spirit and as such developed the positive attitude that set out to find solutions instead of problems.

When Tom returned to Bermuda in 1980, he immediately immersed himself in local politics, being Chairman of the Pembroke North Central branch of the UBP as well as offering his services to the Dept. of Community and Cultural Affairs organizing their Heritage month exhibitions. Out of one of these exhibitions in 1986 the idea for a “masterworks” collection of artwork inspired by Bermuda was born.

Since its inception, Tom has been a staunch supporter of the local art community, investing in the work of well known, and some not so well known local artists. With his keen artistic eye, he has been able to spot talent and has helped when possible. Tom made sure that part of the Masterworks’ mission involved the nurturing of Bermudian artists, young and old, and indeed, the “Artists Up Front…. St” program and the present “Artist in the Garden” series were his brainchildren, spawned by the belief that artists should not only be creative, but ultimately be responsible for their own welfare.

As a patron of the arts in Bermuda, he has been attentive to development, supportive of education and cognizant of the fact that every artist needs a sympathetic ear to listen his concerns and ideas. Tom has always been attentive to these. His legacy will be found in the Masterworks collection of Bermuda inspired art work as well as that of many aspiring Bermudian artists who he has nurtured both monetarily and philosophically.