When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, Keryn Means has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her best-known trick — taking her two little boys (and husband) all around the world. Her blog, Walking on Travels, provides tips about how to travel with your kids in tow and how traveling opens up a whole new world to explore with your little ones. Her tips and encouragement often help parents with that first step of simply getting out the door. Can’t make it to a stunning destination due to snow? Here, she provides her tips on how to keep the kids entertained on a snow day.

Keryn Means
Freelance writer + travel expert

If it’s winter, then it’s bound to happen: a snow day. Don’t let your kids run amok in the house, driving everyone and the family pet crazy. Consider these tips from freelance writer and travel expert Keryn Means on how to keep the kids entertained on a snow day.

Play Games

Dust off those board games or a deck of cards and play a few rounds with the kids. Work on your child’s spelling with Scrabble, figure out who was the murderer (in what room with what tool) with the classic game of Clue or see who is the most bendable with a game of Twister. Or, as Keryn suggest, “push the furniture back, blow up a few balloons and have a volleyball game that won’t break the furniture.”

California Dreamin’

What better way to stave off the winter blues than to dream together about your next vacation? Grab the kids, some hot cocoa and hop on the Internet. Ask the kids what countries or parts of the world, like a safari or beach, they would like to see. “It can be as small as a day trip to the beach when the weather finally warms up or an epic road trip through Italy to see all the ancient Roman ruins,” says Keryn. Let your imagination run wild.

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Save the Princess (or Prince)

Take building a fort to a whole different level. “Build a fort where the fair maiden (mommy) or gallant knight (daddy) are trapped and the kids have to rescue him or her. Create an epic game of hide and seek with a little imagination thrown in the mix as each kid takes on a character,” Keryn recommends. Dragons anyone?

Get Crafty

Grab that digital camera filled with photos of your last family vacation and print them out. Then, grab a box of crayons, markers, glitter glue, stickers and other art supplies and let your kids go to town. “Once the pages dry, tie them together with some yarn or string,” says Keryn. Not only will you make a scrapbook, but you get to relive all those fun memories with your kids as well.

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Play in the Snow

Let’s face it: most kids would rather be outside when it snows. “Gather all the neighborhood kids together and have a snowman building contest. The sky’s the limit. See how their imaginations take flight,” Keryn says. “Have the competition go viral by posting photos on your favorite social media accounts and challenge friends and family from other parts of the country to beat what the kids came up with.” Use a hashtag to really up the viral factor of your photos. Offer an award (freshly baked cookies always does the trick) to the winning group.

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