Whether your dream is to become the next “American Idol” or to simply be able to carry a tune at your next karaoke night, signing up for voice lessons is the best way to get there. The DC metro area features many musical studios that offer vocal lessons as well as a variety of other musical classes. Now that’s music to your ears.

Cardon Studios

1238 Columbia Rd. N.W.
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 681-7842

Recognized as one of the most popular full-service music studios in the DC area, Cardon Studios offers high-grade voice lessons for students of all ages and singing abilities. Taught by the best local vocal instructors, each lesson provided is tailored to meet your goals and to teach singing fundamentals like proper breathing and the release of tension in the body when performing. Specific goals taught at the school include voice technique, stage presence and music literacy. Cardon Studios offers both one-on-one or group session lessons as well as voice and piano lessons.

Levine School of Music
2801 Upton St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 686-8000

Music is said to play a significant role in the mental and psychological development of children. The Levine School of Music offers a variety of musical classes and programs for children as young as four months old. In addition to private voice lessons, individual vocal coaching and partner voice lessons, the school also offers jazz jam sessions, boot camps for singers, vocal workshops, improvisation and ensemble classes. The Levine School of Music also offers guitar, percussion, piano, strings, woodwinds and brass lessons as well as music theory and therapy and a music and arts day camp.

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School of Rock
20660 Ashburn Road
Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 858-0820

Learn how to bang your head and sing your heart out without falling off the stage. The School of Rock provides a variety of individual and group music lessons including vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and piano. Learn the basics of rock and roll, like understanding the dynamics of playing in a group, as well as advanced-level courses like mastering stage presence or putting together your first rock album. Private lessons are available for students age seven and older and last 45 minutes. Group lessons are also available. The School of Rock even has classes appropriate for the littlest rocker in your life.

Songbird Music Creations
7523 17th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20012
(202) 716-6444

Master the art of pitch, staging and choreography from one of the area’s most experienced vocal coaches. Former “Miss Memphis” Dr. Jeanne Sheffield Estrada has assisted aspiring singers from all around the country with musical ambitions for the small screen and on Broadway. Her studio in DC offers all levels of vocal lessons including how to find your voice, good intonation and how to let go of the fear of performing in front of an audience. The Songbird Music Creations studio also offers piano lessons. Can’t make it to your lesson? Dr. Estrada even offers lessons via Skype and Facetime.

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International School of Music
10450 Auto Park Ave.
Bethesda, MD 20817
(301) 365-5888

The International School of Music offers one of the best vocal programs in the area. Learn pertinent singing skills like how to breathe properly, control your diaphragm as well as how to hold correct posture. The voice program at the International School of Music also features vocal and tone production, projection, timing and phrasing while reducing the risk of straining and vocal cord injury. Available lessons include classical, jazz, folk, Broadway and popular music. The International School of Music also features formal programs like recitals and yearly festivals and competitions. Other available courses at the school include woodwinds, brass, percussions, drums, music theory and composition, strings and piano.

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