Our little thinkers, player and growers in our lives develop their own style early in life. From the kid who wears his favorite shirt every single day to the little girl has a particular pair of pants she just can’t live without, clothes play a very interesting roll in how our little ones sometimes feel while other times they just want to have fun and wear something that reflects their carefree personalities. If you have a little diva or a budding artists who expresses themselves in very individual and creative ways, these clothing shops in and around D.C. are just what you need to find inspiring, trendy or classic, fun clothing at every price range. No matter if it’s the high-end fashion forward clothing or the traditionally childlike fun attire, you will find something extraordinary for your little ones.
Dawn Price Baby
3112 M St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
(202) 333-3939

Though Dawn Price Baby caters to the essential needs of newborns, this shop also celebrates the curious and sprouting toddlers. Be they a little Miss or little Mr., the cuteness level of the clothes at this shop is on overflowing. You can find fun, sweet pieces for the little ones to roam and explore around the house or to navigate the playground. Dawn Price Baby facilitates the bridge between the newborn as they grow into the little walkers and talkers that we love so much.

1661 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
(202) 338-9500

Love is the inspiration behind the gorgeous selection of children’s clothes at Egg. Designer, Susan Lazar wanted to create a line that focused on the loving bond between parent and child by using environmentally-friendly materials and natural fibers to create a stunning collection of fun, modern, trendy looks for children of all ages. What’s fascinating about this boutique is the warmth and care you feel while shopping for the right outfits that will help your young children be creative and expressive while still being able to move around and have fun freely. The concept behind Egg is that many eggs may look the same on the outside but inside holds unlimited potential to what it could be individually. This idea has been translated to the fashionable pieces available at Egg. Celebrities have also become enthralled by the style and selection of clothing for children Egg has to offer.

Monday’s Child
218 N Lee St.
Alexandria, Va 22305
(703 548-3505

A wonderfully beautiful boutique such as Monday’s Child, sitting just across the Potomac River in Alexandria, Va, is absolutely precious and reflects to shear beauty and delicate essence of children in the designs and style of clothing for toddlers. Monday’s Child has a lovely selection of clothing for the growing inquisitive toddler as well as infants and the staff is very friendly and ready to assist you with whatever you are looking for. Your little ladies and gentlemen will look totally adorable in their new Monday’s Child clothing. if you are seeking a more classic/traditional toddler clothing choice for your child, this shop would be a great place to explore. It brings to mind memories of the little darlings of yesteryear.

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Vineyard Vines
1225 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
(202) 625-8463

Maybe you aren’t into the classic kid look but more the preppy Martha’s Vineyard beach scene instead of the cutesy quintessential “toddler clothing”. Vineyard Vines (VV) is one of the more well known children’s clothing boutiques in Washington, D.C. and has a more mature selection of clothing for the little ones that rival the style of the adult clothing. Make no mistake, the cool, effortless style at Vineyard Vines still has a particularly colorful and fun vibe for the younger clientele. If price is not a true concern for you, VV is a wonderful boutique to stop in and grab some of their cool items for the toddlers in your house. Especially if you plan to go cruising Nantucket anytime soon, this shop is a must. If you also love pink whales on your clothes then you needed travel any further. 

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Tara L. Aldridge is a native of Washington, DC, a freelance and published writer, blogger, and photographer. She is a DC Healthy Food Examiner at Examiner.com. In 2013, Tara published her first book of poetry and currently works with young artists to help them develop their creative talents. Read more of her work at Examiner.com.