Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends From A Washington DC Beauty Guru

February 19, 2013 8:00 AM

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

The old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” may hold true, but beauty can also be achieved by knowing what works best for you. This spring, experiment to create and maintain an effective beauty routine, incorporating reliable products that highlight your finest features. Take trained advice from a few of DC’s noteworthy beauty bloggers.

Kara Manos is a self-proclaimed “beauty junkie” who runs the beauty blog Politics of Pretty. The Chevy Chase resident has contributed to popular local publications like DC Modern Luxury, Washington Life and

Manos disclosed her top five beauty tips for spring, as well as additional insightful information for Washington, DC women interested in exploring their outer beauty.

1. Wear SPF every single day! Even if it’s not that warm outside, protect your skin from those harmful UV rays.

2. Experiment and take some beauty risks! Many people in the District stick to an everyday look when it comes to work and even weekends, but before going out on the town or on date night, mix it up – apply false lashes, colored liner or shadow.

3. Give yourself a little extra time to get ready. More often than not, most people wait until the last minute to do their makeup and they feel so rushed, they don’t have time to polish and primp.

4. Take a break from the heating tools. On those warm spring days, let your hair air-dry. This will give your hair a break from damaging heat and blow dryers.

5. The best acne treatment is to spring clean your makeup bag often. Toss old and expired products that you don’t use anymore. If you haven’t used a product in a year, toss it. Any product that includes a wand (like mascara) should be thrown out after 3-6 months and brushes should be thrown out if you notice hairs starting to fall out.

According to Manos, every woman should own: a tinted moisturizer or cream with SPF, concealer, mascara and a really great eye cream to put on in the morning and evening.

From years of experience in the beauty world, Manos reveals her words of wisdom, “My best advice for women who want to maintain an easy beauty regimen is by focusing on your best features and accentuating them. If you have a pillow lip, wear a bright lipstick or gloss. If you have high cheekbones, complement them with blush. If you’re always on the go, shop for products that are portable and easy to apply. For your favorite products, consider buying in bulk – transferring beauty products between your home, office and handbag can get confusing and time consuming.”

The Glossarie is a beauty blog written by Lara Ramos, a DC resident with a serious passion for beauty products. Her upbeat blog gives positive reviews of tested products that Ramos personally tests for her fans.

Ramos’ top beauty trends for spring:

1. In hair, ponytails are getting looped and twirled, which is an easy way to update your look. If you still love the topknot, add a little hair jewelry in a shiny gold accent to stay on trend.

2. Nail art isn’t going anywhere, but if you’re less than talented with a tiny brush, brands like Essie and Sally Hansen make patterned nail stickers, which serve as the perfect short cut.

3. For makeup, most models on the spring runways had a “less is more” look that can be easily achieved with rosy blush, volumizing mascara, and a little highlighter for a luminous complexion.

The staples that Ramos believes every woman should include in her makeup bag: a perfectly skin-matched foundation or tinted moisturizer, an inky black mascara that doesn’t smudge, a brow brush, and a tinted lip balm.

I’m a big believer in keeping it simple and doing what works for you as opposed to following the “rules” or trends. As women, we know our best features! It’s easy to learn which formulas and colors bring them out in the best light and then use those products to master an easy 5-minute look. When it comes to skincare, fewer steps and product multitaskers (like a cleanser that also tones) help to simplify. I’ve learned that the fewer steps involved, the more likely I am to do it religiously,” said Ramos.

So, per advice of the beauty blogger professionals, simplify your regimen this spring and explore to learn what products produce the best results for you as an individual. Happy spring!

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

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