Local area aquatic pet specialty shops are providing unique and individual services for pet owners looking for more in-depth knowledge of care and requirements for creating beautiful and healthy habitats for their fish and other aquatic pets. There is nothing particularly wrong with the larger chain pet stores, but it’s great to feel like your particular pet needs are being met. When looking for the right shop for aquarium needs, it’s best to find shops where the staff understands what you are looking for, can provide honest feedback and recommendations and will be able to provide great customer services. Let these shops guide your new or next aquarium purchase.
Eden Pet Supplies And Aquarium
3771 Bladensburg Road
Brentwood, MD 20722
(301) 699-7584

As mentioned before, the larger chain pet stores are not terrible choices when shopping for aquariums but there is something uniquely special about a local shop dedicated to provide area pet owners with time and attention desired when deciding on the perfect aquarium. Eden has a great selection of fish and aquarium supplies in store and are extremely helpful locating hard to find fish. The prices are very reasonable and the Eden staff is available to examine your requests and fulfill your aquarium needs quickly and with the service you want. Why not be well taken care of by Eden’s staff of aquatic pets and aquarium supplies instead of hoping to receive the same attention from a chain store.

Reef eScape
11141 Lee Highway
Fairfax, Va 22030
(703) 261-6996

Reef eScape is a fish pet owner’s dream come true. The staff is quite sincere and honest when it comes to the consumers’ questions and pet needs. They won’t just sell you a fish just to sell you a fish. Reef eScape is dedicated to providing the best customer service available and they are amazingly hands on when helping customers set up new tanks and acquire new fish. They are extremely knowledgeable about a vast variety of aquatic pets and designing the best habitat for them to thrive in. Reef eScape provides aquarium sales and rentals, maintenance, installations and aquarium relocation. Customers have recognized their professionalism and their love for what they do.

House of Tropicals
7389-F Baltimore Annapolis Blvd,
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
(410) 761-1113

You must be doing something right if you can thrive for over 40 years in the aquatic pet supply and tropical fish business. The House of Tropicals has done just that with experts in tropical fish on site who are always happy to help with your questions about finned and reptilian pets. With hundreds of aquariums onsite holding over 1000 species of fish and reptiles, House of Tropicals has a variety of known and more unusual species for any fish lover to add to their collection. The shop also stocks an extensive selection of coral, crustaceans and other invertebrates for your tanks. In addition to pets, the shop specializes in garden ponds fish and seasonal aquatic pond plants. Explore the shop and check out their selection of plants, live rock, aquariums, light and all you need for a beautiful aquatic scene in your home.

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Tropical Lagoon Aquarium
9431 Georgia Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 585-6562

When you are a tropical fish lover, locating hard to find fish may prove frustrating and challenging in or near the D.C. area. Tropical Lagoon is a great Silver Spring, Maryland shop, just a few minutes away from Washington, D.C., and has great prices for complete aquarium sets. Time tested equipment that is perfect for a starter aquarium set up or a more advanced set up for a variety of fish. Along with the aquariums, whether you purchase a 10 gallon tank or a 75 gallon tank, Tropical Lagoon also has beautiful aquarium essentials for your pets as well as corals, freshwater and saltwater fish, koi, and other aquatic pets and supplies. Whether you aquarium will house Yellow Tangs or Emperor Angel fish, Tropical Lagoon is an amazing place to go for the perfect setup.

Quantum Reefs
7025 Brookfield Plaza
Springfield, Va 22150
(703) 988-2538

Quantum Reefs specializes in saltwater and freshwater planted tanks. You will love their selection of aquariums to choose from and the essential and additional accessories for your pets. In addition to the aquariums, Quantum Reefs carries a great selection of fish, corals, plants and other aquarium needs. They pride themselves on being extremely attentive to their customers by taking time to understand their needs and offers recommendations on developing the perfect aquarium habitat for aquarium pets. This shop provides consultations, aquarium installations & moves as well as aquarium maintenance. Caring for your pet’s aquarium needs is priority for this staff.

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