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Shaving is not fun by any means but it is a must, especially in warmer months when short shorts and bathing suits are considered a uniform. Constant worrying over missed patches of hair or embarrassing bikini lines is no longer necessary or acceptable. Laser hair removal is an alternative for those who refuse to deal with razors, little nicks here and there and waxing, which can be painful and cause ingrown hairs. The hair removal process is guaranteed to last and patients swear by the results. Research to find the treatment appropriate for your needs and call one of the noteworthy experts below – smooth skin awaits! You’ll be worry free at the beach for years to come.

Atlantis Medical Wellness Center
12200 Tech Road, Suite 102
Silver Spring, MD 20904
(301) 476-4760

With a team of skilled practitioners, Atlantics Medical Wellness Center caters to the needs of each client. The number of hair removal treatments required depends on the individual. To ensure outcomes are 100 percent satisfactory, a personalized plan is created based on clients’ skin type. Laser hair reduction at Atlantis is sold as a single treatment or a package of five sessions, which saves the value of one session. Prices range from $150 for a single upper lip service to $950 for full body.

GentleLase Center
1800 I St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 783-6565

GentleLase specializes in laser hair removal. The center uses two different types of lasers to ensure top quality and accuracy. Thorough preparation instructions, detailed explanation of the service and after care advice is given by the team.

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Logan 14
1314 B 14th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20005

Logan 14 is an Aveda lifestyle salon located in Logan Circle. It performs hair removal services on all parts of the body except eyelids and areas close to the eye. To predict pricing, schedule a consultation. Courtney Adams of Logan Salon says that after about three to six treatments, clients are left with very little to no hair. Over time, new hair growth may occur, but it is very minimal. Adams has tips for pre-removal, “No direct sun exposure, waxing, tweezing or sunless tanner two to three weeks prior to or after a treatment.”

Medi-Aesthetique Spa
7601 Lewinsville Road, Suite 400
McLean, VA 22102
(703) 287-8277

“Medi-Aesthetique Spa offers laser hair removal services for the full body for both ladies and gentlemen. Our most popular treatment areas for ladies include bikini and underarms while the gentlemen we treat most often opt for hair removal on the neck and full back. However, we offer everything from face and hands, to feet and toes, the navel area and even nostrils,” said Sandra Oulmas, medical esthetician at Medi-Aesthetique Spa. Prices vary, depending on location. The spa offers a package of six treatments for the price of five, and often run specials. Oulmas explains that permanent removals takes four to six treatments spaced six weeks apart. Prior to any treatment, it is advised that patients shave and remove all makeup and deodorant. The Lumenis LightSheer Duet at Medi-Aesthetique uses vacuum-assist technology to penetrate deeply and painlessly and requires no cooling or topical anesthetics. “Our patients who come to us after painful or ineffective treatments elsewhere often don’t believe the laser is even on when the treatment is being performed!” Follow Oulmas on Twitter at @SkinBySandra.

SKIN Cosmetic Dermatology of Georgetown
2233 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Suite 230
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 298-7546

At SKIN in Georgetown, patients can receive laser hair removal anywhere on the body. Howard Brooks is the medical director and has a consultation with all patients before their decision to move forward with the treatment, to ensure they understand what they are getting into. “In some patients, I would advise against it. For example, a young man who wants to remove is entire beard. Styles change, and he may want to grow a beard in the future,” said Brooks. Pricing varies by removal location, but generally patients should expect to pay $100-$600. For example, the upper lip is $100. Laser hair removal is not a one-time fix; it takes several visits to achieve maximum results. “Generally, it takes six to eight treatments, six to eight weeks apart. Touch-ups also vary, but on average one touch up a year,” said Brooks.

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