Best Paintball in Washington, D.C.

July 3, 2015 8:00 AM

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Big cities tend to have a large amount of stressed out people. Some people go to happy hour after work to relieve stress, other people like to do something more active. Paintball is a fun way to relieve stress, spend time with your family, or do team building. When you are looking for a place to play paintball in D.C., consider these options.
Southern Maryland Paintball
11272 Edge Hill Road
Newburg, MD 20664
(301) 934-9207

If you are going to play paintball, you are going to want to play somewhere that is dedicated to the game. Southern Maryland Paintball is a professional, safe and organized paintball venue. They host company retreats, birthday parties, bachelor parties and just everyday play. You can choose from a list of different game styles, including “Capture the Flag,” “Fox & Hound,” Domination” and “Protect the President.” And if you are an experienced paintballer, you can bring your own equipment. Remember, safety first!

Hogback Mountain Paintball
20267 Hogback Mountain Road
Leesburg, VA 20175
(703) 777-0057

Hogback Mountain Paintball takes the game to another level. The paintball arena is open on the weekends all year long, with some availability during the week. Located in a wooded area, they offer 15 courses that run throughout the woods; the landscape and trees add to the fun. With 70 acres of field, you will want to try all the courses. They also offer a pro shop, classes and have special events. This is a great place to live out one of your fantasies, or just get some exercise outdoors.

Xtreme Adventures Paintball
499 Shady Glenn Drive
Capitol Heights, MD 20850
(240) 427-2838

Paintball is a fun activity for almost any age; except for babies who can’t quite grasp the concept of the game yet. While laser tag can be seen as a more adolescent game, paintball is played mostly by adults. Whether you are looking for something different to do for your birthday party, or just something to do with your friends, Xtreme Adventures Paintball has got you covered. This outdoor paintball venue in the forest will have you wanting to play all the time. You’ll spend hours on their three fields, you might even get to play a game with the staff.

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Pev’s Paintball
78935 New Road
Aldie, VA 20105
(703) 327-7640

Pev’s Paintball is like the Olympics Stadium of paintball fields. The first paintball park of it’s kind, Pev’s is 48 acres of paintball madness. There are 14 playing fields, which includes spectator friendly areas so you can watch while your friends and families try to capture the flag. All the obstacles, props, buildings, and even man-made caves, make for an exhilarating game of paintball. You should just go ahead and get your season pass now, or go all the way and get a VIP membership.

Torrid Paintball Sports
10051 N. 2nd St.
Laurel, MD 20723
(301) 498-6400

Torrid Paintball Sports is a paintball store that carries everything you need: Masks, goggles, markers, paintballs, hoppers, air systems and more. They also provide services like tank testing, inspections and equipment labor. Since you will already be going to pick up some gear, you should get in a game while you’re at it. The paintball store also offers reservation only games for groups of 12 or more players; with some days open to smaller groups. The inflatable obstacles and the layouts make for a gun game.

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