Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin – they all got their start somewhere. With rising stars like Jay Pharoah coming out of the DC comedy scene, there has been an uptick of interest in comedy in the area. Here are some of the funniest people in the DMV who might be the next Dave Chapelle or Martin.

Color Me Funny

With the new millennium, a group of comics became known as The Frat Pack – Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, the Wilson brothers (Owen and Luke) and a few other already famous on their own actors ruled the Hollywood comedy movies. Locally, Color Me Funny is probably the closest this area has to a Frat Pack. Thezz Grimes, Justin Hancock, Matt Mahaffey, Brandon Lescure and Mike Turpin make up the collective of comedians who run “the heck out of three comedy rooms.” But they don’t plan on ruling them forever; they are working hard, including producing their own shorts, to become household names one day. Whether it is all or a few members of the group, you are likely to their names on major marquees someday. Check out their website to see where Color Me Funny will be performing in the area on any given night of the week.

Brandon Wardell

Amanda Bynes was doing stand up before she had all her teeth, and she was getting laughs from adults. So age shouldn’t be a factor in someone’s ability to make you laugh. Brandon Wardell looks young (and is young) and hasn’t let that stop him. Since he was seventeen, he has been cultivating his stand up career, to the delight of DMV comedy fans. Wardell’s youth is evident in his material, but so is his obsession with comedy. He makes audiences that are multiple times his age laugh. Don’t be surprised if you see this young comic on Comedy Central in the near future.

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Vijai Nathan

It’s easy to compare all comedians of a specific ethnicity to each other, but that would be unfair and wrong. Spefically, Vijai Nathan should not be compared to Mindy Kaling. Both are beautiful Indian comedians, but that’s about as far as you can go. Nathan has her own brand of humor based on her life growing up as an Indian girl. Stereotypes might make her hilariousness unassuming, but after ten seconds any preconceived notions are forgotten as laughter fills the room. The DC native does not hide from the stereotypes, she embraces them fully and funnily in her stand up. It is part of the reason why she has gotten so far in her career, with appearances on several television networks and best of lists.

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Reggie Melbrough
The Looking Glass Lounge
3634 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 722-7669

When you think of places for great comedy, Boise is probably one of the last places the comes to mind. Current DC resident, and Boise, Idaho native Reggie Melbrough is looking to prove that Boiseans can make you laugh too. Melbrough got the calling for stand up after the death of his grandmother and believes that laughter is essential especially during times of sadness. He takes his experiences, good and bad, and tells them as hilarious stories that makes the audiences relate to, feel bad for, and most importantly laugh at him. You can catch him all around the city as he hosts Don’t Block the Box at Wonderland Ballroom and Through the Looking Glass Comedy Show at The Looking Glass Lounge.

Rahmein Mostafavi
Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse
2903 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204
(703) 486-2345

Being a comedian may look like the easiest job in the world, but comedians will tell you it is a nerve-wracking labor of love. Rahmein Mostafavi is one of the comedians who makes it look like a ball of laughs, pun intended. The Virginian can segue from the stereotypes of Iranian-Americans, like him, to marriage to gay rights. Being a cast member of the immortal Shear Madness for nearly a decade has clearly cultivated Mostafavi’s stage skills. Laugh yourself silly at one of the Cool Cow Comedy shows that he host at the Arlington Drafthouse every Thursday.

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