Best Local Art Enthusiasts In Washington D.C. To Follow On Twitter

September 16, 2013 8:00 AM

D.C.’s growing art scene is a dynamic, social and cultural phenomenon bringing diverse individuals together across the District. The art scene is firmly established in galleries, museums, workshops, studios and organizations all around D.C. But the art scene also thrives within the online community. One of the best ways to keep up with everything that’s going on in the D.C. arts is to follow the right people on Twitter. If you are a D.C. art lover, you’re probably already following these locals in the know. But if not, get to it.

Chelsey Christensen

Chelsey Christensen is an actress, volunteer and arts administrator in D.C. Serving Imagination Stage & Forum Theater in development, public relations and marketing in her full-time job, Chelsey has the experience to speak about all things relevant to performance art in the District. Her Twitter account is dedicated to the intersection of the arts and socializing throughout the city. She also frequently tweets about her upcoming performances as well as other theatre performances in the area.

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Gregg Deal

Gregg Deal is a local contemporary visual artist and D.C. resident. Gregg’s art is enlightening, often dealing with themes of social and political issues, in aesthetically vibrant, yet challenging sculpture and multimedia two-dimensional work. His Twitter account is full of humor, remarks on recent art exhibitions and encouraging anecdotes of cool happenings in the D.C. art scene.

JR Russ

JR Russ a D.C. native and local dancer, arts manager, art blogger and performer. JR has been featured in Capitol Fringe Festival performances for years. He has collaborated with numerous local area arts organizations and individuals. His Twitter account features clips from his blog by the same name, promotions for upcoming creative experiences, insider information about the latest art scene happenings and joyous expressions of his love for the arts in D.C. He also runs a blog that features an assortment of topics.

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Kate Warren

Kate Warren is a local fashion editorial photographer who has collaborated with nearly every Washington, D.C. publication including The Washington Post, Washington Examiner and Washington Magazine. Kate has also completed artistic projects with The Corcoran Gallery of Art and the Washington Project for the Arts. Her Twitter announces her current and upcoming projects and her open shoots to encourage local art lovers to take part in her photography projects.

Megan Pagado

Megan Pagado is a West Coast transplant who now lives and works in the D.C. art scene. As the social media and marketing guru for the Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Maryland, College Park, Megan is well versed in all the art happenings in the nearby Maryland suburbs. Megan serves the D.C. arts scene as a volunteer providing professional development and networking opportunities for arts managers. Her Twitter account supplies readers with fun anecdotes about D.C. arts programming and promotions for some of the area’s best arts programs.

Kayleigh Bryant is a D.C. native, traveler, foodie, artist and frequent museum visitor. Her lifelong fascination with art has moved her to explore the themes, techniques and media artists have employed to express their ideas. Kayleigh has earned a Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History. Her work can be found on