We have become so accustomed to desserts like cheesecakes and ice cream treats that the hot desserts, though not forgotten, have taken a backseat during the spring and summer months. Now that we are approaching the colder months, the desire for hot tasty desserts has infiltrated our cravings. Check out these five D.C. restaurants and dessert shops that serve up hot delicious treats to hit the spot during those cold days.
Fiola Mare
3050 K St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
(202) 628-0065


Warm Crostata di Pera e Gianduja. That just sound enticing, doesn’t it? Well, this is one of Fiola Mare’s indulgent desserts that is a welcomed change to the ordinary desserts you can find on just about any menu across D.C. This beautiful dessert consists of an almond chocolate cake with Gianduja ( a sweet chocolate hazelnut spread), candied Alba hazelnuts and roasted pear. The decadent and comforting dessert is also served with a Tahitian Vanilla Gelato with honey citrus sauce which pairs well with the flavorful roasted pear. This is definitely a more eloquent dessert that deserves to be savored.

Proof Restaurant
775 G St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
(202) 737-7663

If you have an affinity for the chocolate hazelnut flavor combination, Proof restaurant in downtown D.C. also has a chocolate hazelnut cake served with Gianduja gelato and espresso sauce that is far beyond just good. The texture of the cake is absolutely lush and is a perfect ending to a savory dinner at Proof. This is a dessert that you have once and it stays on your mind for long after it has been devoured. You will love the gelato as much as the cake, as it slowly melts over the cake creating a soft luxurious spoonful of goodness. Even if you don’t have dinner at Proof, stopping in for this dessert is definitely worth the trip. Who says you can’t make a special trip for a treat this delicious? No one, that’s who.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006
(202) 822-8783

When someone mentions beignets, it may be safe to assume that one’s mind will travel automatically to images of a New Orleans cafe where this dessert has become a staple due to its French origin and early French immigrants to the U.S. We are ever so grateful and welcome any place in D.C. has mastered the art creating a mouth watering fluffy beignet. Founding Farmers is one of those places. Their beignets are easily one of the most talked about and requested items on the menu and when you want to spoil yourself with a freshly fried fluffy treat covered with powdered sugar and served with an array of dipping sauces, heading to Founding Farmers for an order of their famous beignets may not be a terrible idea. In fact, it may be one of the best ideas you’ll have. Definitely check them out and be prepared to become addicted to deliciousness.

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Co Co Sala
929 F St., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20004
(202) 347-4265

One should not downplay the enticement of a luscious and delectable hot chocolate beverage especially when it is made and prepared with an outstanding selection of chocolates. Co Co Sala is definitely one of the premier restaurants in D.C. that specializes in incorporating chocolate creatively into their menu, so it is not surprising that a restaurant with an adjoining chocolate shop would have enticing hot chocolate. As a dessert, hot chocolate is perfect. Hot, indulgent, it may not be overly filling depending on how much you had to eat but it hits the perfect balance of sweetness and depending if you order the salted caramel hot chocolate or pumpkin spice, you will encounter some savory notes on your palette. As we approach the winter months, hot chocolate is definitely a winner for a quick and delicious dessert choice. Co Co Sala executes very well on their hot chocolate creations. After all, they may know a thing or two about good chocolate.

903 N St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
(202) 588-5200

Two words: apple crumble. Let that sink in for a moment. The Apple Crumble is one of the quintessential fall/winter comfort desserts. Table’s apple crumble is a far cry from average but it’s simplicity is wonderful. Made with a local apple compote, chantilly cream, brown butter oat crumble, for apple lovers, this is dessert may prove irresistible, and with very good reason. The baked apple is the definitely the nucleus but this dish without the crumble is, well, apples. The brown butter oat crumble makes the dish. It’s the component to the dessert that you look forward to for its crumbly goodness that complements the sweet and tender apple compote. Table does a great job on this dish so if you are craving the apple crumble, go have a seat. They have what you are craving.

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