Gourmet cooking has really taken off in the last 10 years, and has even resulted in the most mundane foods being offered with a gourmet twist. In the D.C. area we have a surprising number of places offering gourmet hot dogs. These dogs become gourmet by going veggie or being piled with host of interesting and exotic toppings. Kids will like them, but these fancy hot dogs are made to please grownup palates.
423 8th St., S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003
(202) 546-1935

DC-3’s dogs are inspired from different areas around the country. For example the Jersey bacon-wrapped ripper comes deep fried, wrapped in bacon and topped with jalapeno relish and deli mustard. But the best gourmet dog is the California Left-Winger dog, a delicious housemade falafel dog that comes with avocado, tomatoes, and creamy tzatziki sauce. It is served on a bun, and is more flavorful than any meat hot dog could ever be! Feel free to get any of the additional free toppings like onions, relish, or sriracha chili sauce. Fries and fried pickles are available as sides, and for dessert, try the fried Oreos!

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Greatest American Hot Dogs
7206 Muncaster Mill Road
Rockville, MD 20855
(800) 570-4243

Greatest American Hot Dogs is one of the best places for a gourmet dog. Try the Potomac Pastrami Rachael Dog topped with pastrami, coleslaw, melted Swiss and angry sauce, or go for the GAHDfather Italian Sausage topped with sautéed peppers and onions. Vegetarians will love the veggie corndog, fried to a golden crisp, or the Takoma Park veggie dog, which comes in Italian or brat flavor. Top your dog with one of the many, many toppings available at this casual joint, like red onion sauce, cheez whiz, Galapagos, fried onions, or sour cream. Enjoy your hot dog with whirly fries, onion sticks, or fried pickles. For dessert get the waffle on a stick!

Haute Dogs & Fries
610 Montgomery St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 548-3891

Just the name of this venue implies that your food with be gourmet! You will not be disappointed, as the signature dog at Haute Dogs & Fries—made with warm house onion relish, mustard, mayo and celery salt—is pretty hard to beat. All hot dogs can be made with veggie, chicken or beef. Other choices include the Chi Wee Wee dog, with black beans, tomatoes, sour cream, and onions or the District D.C. Dog with blue cheese, pickles, and BBQ sauce. Optional toppings range from mango pineapple relish to rainbow sprinkles to banana peppers. Fries, mac n cheese, coleslaw, tater tots and milkshakes are also available on the side.

Bold Bite
Union Station
50 Massachusetts Ave., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
(202) 682-2653

Bold Bite has two locations, one in Union Station and one in Bethesda. Head to either one to try the Italian veggie dog, served Mexican style with guacamole, tortilla strips, a fresh cilantro sauce that is infused with lime, and pico de gallo. Alternatively, you can get a hot dog Asian style, with a spicy sauce, crunchy sesame seeds, and a housemade Asian slaw. Salads are available as well, and for dessert, ice cream sandwiches.

Ben’s Chili Bowl
1213 U St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20009

This institution is known for having amazing dogs, and their speciality takes things to a new level. Ben’s Famous All Meat Chili Dog is served on a steamed bun and topped with mustard, onions and Ben’s famous chili. Hearty and satisfying, you will be back again and again for this hot dog. Enjoy your meal with one of Ben’s famous milkshakes.

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