Best Food Trucks in Washington, D.C.

June 11, 2014 8:00 AM

The number of food trucks in DC has grown by epic proportions in the last few years, which means DC residents have more choices than ever when seeking a delicious meal from a food truck. Featuring everything from cupcakes to fusion food to soup, DC’s food trucks are varied in cuisine and culture. Read on to get recommendations for the five best food trucks in the area, known for providing consistently good food and great food truck service.


Takorean is one of DC’s oldest and most popular food trucks. Its Korean BBQ tacos are irresistible, with your choice of protein (including tofu) served in soft corn tortillas and topped with crunchy Asian coleslaw, and your choice of toppings. Choose from fresh cilantro, spicy sriracha, sesame seeds and lime crema. If all of them sound good, you can get them all. Bowls are also available with the same ingredients if you want to skip the tortilla. Tacos are $3.50 for one or $3 for three.

everlasting life Best Food Trucks in Washington, D.C.

Barbecue and Mac and Cheese (Credit, Priya Konings)

Woodlands Vegan Bistro Food Truck

It may be hard to believe, but vegans and meat eaters alike line up daily to score some of the scrumptious Southern vegan cuisine from this food truck. Creamy mac n cheese, crispy fake fried fish and crunchy garlic kale salad are some of the treats this truck offers on a daily basis. Tofu in BBQ sauce is another great item, as is the orange “chicken” and wholesome collard greens. Woodlands also has vegan cupcakes and a variety of beverages to enjoy.

Sang On Wheels

For a taste of Laotian food, you should hunt down Sang on Wheels. Sang is the name of the owner, a Laotian woman who makes the most delicious and authentic Laotion cuisine in town. Her Asian pumpkin empanadas are sweet and savory at the same time, with perfectly fried dough and creamy pumpkin filling. Drunken noodles are another wildly popular item on the menu, also showcasing a fine balance of sweet and spicy, soft and crunchy.

dolci4 Best Food Trucks in Washington, D.C.

Gelato (Credit, Priya Konings)

Dolci Gelati
(202) 603-4845

Dolci Gelati is one of DC’s best food trucks for many reasons. First, the creamy gelato is the best in town. Second, it offers more than just gelato. The truck’s soups, crepes and coffee are just as good as the gelato. Finally, the gelato flavors are always changing and each new flavor is always better than the last. Some of the best flavors include salted caramel, maple brown sugar, coffee and pumpkin pie. But for the most exotic flavors, try the orange saffron, raspberry red beet, sweet potato pie or thai coconut lemongrass. Dolci Gelati also offers sorbet in flavors like mango and blood orange to innovative as champagne and Guinness beer. See the website for information on which flavors are currently being featuring.

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(202) 638-0202

Jose Andres can do no wrong in DC, and his food truck is no exception. Find it today to try items such as the Spanish grilled cheese, with no less than five different kinds of cheese, and the escalavita, a gorgeous sweet and sour eggplant salad, complete with peppers and onions. Gazpacho, non-alcoholic sangria and a decadent chocolate ice cream flauta are also available. The food is so refined, it is hard to imagine this food is from a food truck.

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