Of all the Independence Day celebrations across the United States, tourists from all over the world, in addition to local residents, flood the nation’s capital to experience the fun July 4th festivities. There is something special about being in Washington, D.C. during the annual celebration of the birth of our independent nation, but where do you go to get the best view with dinner?

With the ever growing construction around the National Mall, many people are opting for a more relaxing restaurant dining experience while enjoying the fireworks. The best restaurant options include rooftop restaurants/lounges and restaurants with alfresco dining. Here is a selection of restaurants around the city where you can dine and relax while enjoying the fireworks celebration.

Occidental Grill & Seafood
1475 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20004
(202) 783-1475

Within walking distance of the National Mall, Occidental Grill & Seafood restaurant’s outdoor patio is perfect to catch a superb meal while the July 4th fireworks at the Washington Monument light up the sky above.  If you don’t mind the up close boom of the fireworks, the view is beautiful and the food at Occidental is wonderful. The outdoor patio is quite lovely on any day, but on July 4th, it’s buzzing with the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of a nation. The historic Occidental’s menu is one of the finest in downtown D.C. and the scallops and crab cakes are some of the best in the city. Dine like the nation’s lawmakers, who frequent Occidental, and enjoy a fabulous dinner just steps from the White House.

3000 K St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
(202) 944-4200

The Sequoia restaurant sits at the Washington Harbour in Georgetown and has been a standard of elegance in Washington, D.C. for many years. Known for its delicious food and beautiful building, this restaurant would also be a great choice when selecting an eatery with a view of the July 4th fireworks. What makes the Sequoia so beautiful is its glass enclosed dining room, which allows you to enjoy the view from the inside as well as the terrace patio seating. Great food, views of the Potomac River, the Kennedy Center, the Key Bridge and fireworks make for quite the lovely dining experience.

At The W Hotel
515 15th St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20004
(202) 661-2400

If there was ever the perfect location to dine and take in the 4th of July fireworks celebration, it would be the P.O.V. at the W Hotel. One of D.C.’s most popular rooftop restaurant and lounge locations, it’s so popular that it’s shut down to the public on July 4th to host its annual ticketed event, Boom with the Fireworks celebration. Purchase a ticket to get a view of the Washington Monument and the fireworks show while enjoying great food, drinks and music. It’s a great way to spend your money for a memorable time in D.C.

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Tony And Joe’s Seafood Place
3000 K St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
(202) 944-4545

Also sitting at the Washington Harbour is Tony and Joe’s Seafood Place with the view of the Washington Monument a short distance away. With the fireworks being in close proximity to the Washington Harbour, the outdoor seating is a perfect location to catch the show. Friends, drinks and any of the seafood dishes Tony and Joe’s are known for would make any July 4th special. Fireworks and a raw oyster bar sounds like an evening of delight.

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