Craft beer has been all the rage over the past few years, with microbreweries opening up left and right. Now those who enjoy a healthy dose of caffeine in the morning have their own craft shops to obsess over. These shops specially roast their beans to get sophisticated flavors. Check out these spots the next time you want good coffee.
Peregrine Espresso
1718 14th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 525-5127

For inexperienced coffee drinkers, one cup of coffee can taste just like the next. But experienced coffee drinkers can taste different flavor notes and subtle nuisances. Ryan Jensen has held almost every possible job in the coffee industry, and eventually decided he needed to start a shop of his own. Peregrine Espresso is an award winning coffee shop, offering quality espresso beverages, brewed coffee, and pour overs. In addition to serving coffee, they educate drinkers on the fundamentals of espresso and brewing through two hour classes. Have a cup of coffee at one of their locations and learn how to make it yourself at home.

Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso
1726 20th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 234-5837

Filter Coffeehouse wants to provide their customers with coffee, not trendy sugary drinks. At this shop you’ll find standard drinks like an americano, flat white, macchiato, and fresh brewed coffee. They get their coffee beans fresh from local roasters Ceremony Coffee. And they select the beans specifically to offer a variety of flavors and profiles. You’ll be sure to get a delicious cup of amazing coffee each time you go in. As they learn more and more about the beans, the more you’ll discover about your favorite beverage.

Compass Coffee
1535 7th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

The Shaw neighborhood has changed drastically in the past few years like most of D.C. One of the additions to the neighborhood is an independent coffee shop with a simple mission. Wanting to offer high quality coffee with no frills, the owners of Compass Coffee import the best beans from around the world to roast in house. From Ethiopia to Brazil, these beans are combined to create their nine unique specialty blends. With flavors ranging from the light berry Horizon, to the dark full-bodied Waypoint, there is something at Compass Coffee for every coffee drinker.

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Qualia Coffee
3917 Georgia Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 248-6423

When Qualia Coffee opened it’s doors in Petworth, it seemed a bit out of place but also right at home. The small neighborhood coffee shop offers locals fresh affordable coffee that is roasted in house. Because they hunt for the best beans they can find, you will find unique blends that produce aromatic and flavorful coffee. This is where you need to go if you want the freshest simplest cup of coffee. But you can also pick up a bag of their roasts at farmers markets around the area.

Swing’s Coffee Roasters
501 E Monroe Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22301
(703) 370-5050

Craft coffee may be new thing for some people, but for the folks at Swing’s Coffee Roasters it’s pretty much all they know. For almost 100 years, they have been one of the best local roasters in the area, and perhaps country. Serving everyone from politicians to office workers, the family owned business became a staple in the district. Still going strong, you can get a bag of their beans or a cup of their fresh brewed coffee from one of their locations.

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