Although giving birth is natural, labor and delivery can be scary and challenging, even for experienced moms. Whether it’s your first or fourth child, every birth is unique, and D.C.’s best childbirth classes understand and address each mom’s concerns in full. From natural, hypnotic or water births to emergency caesarian sections, these are the pros who’ll help you prep for that little bundle of joy.

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500 Montgomery St., Ste. 400
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 739-2832

George Washington University Hospital
900 23rd St., Northwest
Washington, DC 20037

Price: from $190

Momease, a premier child birth series, is conveniently located at George Washington University Hospital and in Alexandria, Va. Moms and their partners may choose from a list of classes taught by certified child birth instructors who present information objectively with respect to each family’s needs and choices. Momease’s child birth express class is designed for parents who need a crash course in birth but are crunched for time. Expect to cover labor and delivery options, breathing and relaxation techniques, Cesarean section or vaginal births, drugs and natural child birth options. If you prefer classes with more of a concentration on a particular topic, try the childbirth 1, 2, 3 medical birth or natural approach to childbirth class. The 123 class allows moms-to-be and their partners to learn, in detail, about epidurals, vaginal deliveries, breathing and relaxing techniques. Its natural class is helpful for those who prefer a drug-free approach to childbirth, teaching coping skills for pain and stress during labor and delivery. For overwhelmed parents, Momease offers birth and postpartum douala services, which play a key role in easing moms’ stress levels before, during and after child birth. The birth douala’s job is to attend to the expectant mother’s emotional needs while doctors and nurses take care of physical concerns. The postpartum doula helps new families ease into taking care of their newborn with minimal stress. Momease’s fee schedule is quite reasonable but also offers a limited number of scholarships.

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NOVA Birthing Center
4200A Technology Court
Chantilly, VA 20151
(703) 357-3808

Price: Contact to discuss pricing

NOVA Natural Birth Center offers a variety of classes for new moms and their partners. Using the Bradley method, it teaches parents about natural, partner-coached childbirth. Parents learn about proper nutrition and exercise during pregnancy. Moms practice relaxation methods to help ensure a calmer child birth experience. Expectant moms leave the class with coping tools and techniques to get them through the labor process. This class also helps fathers or partners learn to be supportive coaches. By the end of the 12-week session, your family’s birth plan will be completed and ready for the big day. Birthworks’ eight-week program is designed to give parents the confidence to have a natural birth, preparing both parents for the birthing process emotionally and physically. Its birthing from within class is meant for small groups in a more informal setting. In this class, parents watch natural childbirth videos, and discuss useful information about the birth and labor process, and newborn care. For those interested in home study class, try Hypnobabies, using the Kein’s painless childbirth technique, which teaches deep hypnosis while still remaining active. At NOVA, all of the classes will be beneficial whether you deliver in a hospital, at home or in a birthing center.

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Special Beginnings
1454 Baltimore – Annapolis Road
Arnold, Md 21012
(410) 626-8982

Prices: free to $15

Special Beginnings’ nurturing midwives are highly accredited with a nurse-midwife certification and have more than 65 years of experience between them. The caring staff’s main goal is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment in your birthing journey. It offers myriad classes to help expectant mothers and their partners. Try the motherhood experience class to learn more about birthing options, or take the dress rehearsal to learn what to expect during labor, when to call the midwife, what to bring to the birthing center and other pertinent details in preparation for the special day. The center also offers a special class for moms who have had a Cesarean section but would like to attempt a vaginal birth. Its baby basics class is perfect for new moms to help them gauge appropriate levels of concern based on their babies behavior, and to learn how to soothe an upset baby. Parents will also learn about developmental milestones to look for, and may sign up the family for a sibling preparation class designed to smooth the transition to the new addition.

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