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Whether to escape into a great mystery or fantasy, or to educate and enlighten in relationships, politics or the world, books still beat the Internet for truly diving into what makes Washington, D.C. iconic world wide. Whether you’ve lived here for years or are just visiting, these are the best books about the nation’s capital.

‘America The Beautiful: Washington, DC’
Jordan Worek

This 96-page coffee table book by author Jordan Worek and photographer Randy Santos offers a comprehensive view of some of the district’s most iconic monuments and significant sights. Some of those include the Capitol, White House, U.S. Supreme Court and Arlington National Cemetery. Locations that have had major influence on American arts and culture include the Smithsonian Institute and other museums, along with historic sites and picturesque streets in Georgetown. Parks and gardens are also highlighted throughout the nation’s capital.

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‘The Black History Of The White House’
Dr. Clarence Lusane

Written by Howard University professor Clarence Lusane, “The Black History Of The White House” tracks the racial history of the White House through the presidential generations from George Washington to Barack Obama. Untold stories and contributions of black men and women in the White House shared here run the gamut from slaves and builders to performers and policymakers. Expect to see the White House through a whole new lens in this historical account.

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‘A Kid’s Guide To Washington, DC’
Miriam Chernick

This handy guide for kids ages 6 and older offers photos, trivia, puzzles and games about D.C. that make it a fun and interactive guidebook. It helps to get children involved in planning family vacations or staycations to D.C. Author Miriam Chernick and illustrator Richard Brown give young readers information about well-known monuments, fun museums and exhibits, and even shopping and sporting events.

‘The Price Of Politics’
Bob Woodward

Investigative reporter and non-fiction author Bob Woodward presents his latest analysis of D.C. politics. This non-fiction book covers the 3.5 years prior to Obama’s 2009 inauguration and extends through summer 2012. Through interviews with Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, along with meeting notes and other significant documents, Woodward tells the inside story of how the president and Congress tried unsuccessfully to right the economy and set it on a stable path. The author also delves into the personal struggle between the president and the speaker in their attempt to cut spending and increase revenue.
‘Frommer’s 24 Great Walks In Washington, DC’
Carolyn Crouch

This book takes readers and travelers on a colorful jaunt through some of D.C.’s most beautiful and well-traveled routes and neighborhoods. With color photos, maps, directions and commentary, visitors may enjoy some of the best sights on foot in .DC. From monuments and the White House to the Supreme Court and Capitol Hill, the book offers 24 intriguing treks through the very best venues the nation’s capital has to offer. .

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