Best Batting Cages in the Washington, D.C. Area

August 29, 2014 8:00 AM

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Baseball is said to be America’s sport. From little leagues to the major leagues, boys and girls have grown up loving the sport. Whether you want to get some practice in before the big championship, or it’s just the way you like to blow off steam, there are batting cages in the area that you can utilize. Here are some of the best batting cages in Washington, D.C.

Ocean Dunes Waterpark
6060 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22205
(703) 534-3437

When you think of a waterpark, you don’t usually think of batting cages, but Ocean Dunes Waterpark did. Along with mini golf, water slides, pool and other fun water attractions, you can take a few swings at the batting cages. You can even rent out a batting cage if you don’t want to take a risk on a busy day or if you want to have a party. But if you just want to walk up and hit a few balls, you can do that too. For just a dollar, you can get a token good for 14 pitches. Spend an afternoon feeling like a major leaguer.

Woody’s Golf Range
11801 Leesburg Pike
Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 430-8337

Baseball players that participate in the Home Run Derby don’t just wake up and hit home runs; it takes lots of practice. Hitting a home run or becoming a professional player may not be your dream in life, but it sure is fun to pretend. Woody’s Golf Range is great for beginners to seasoned players, with cages of various speeds, including a cage for high school softball, three underhand toss cages and five cages that can go up to 85 miles per hour. Become the next MVP of your league.

The Baseball Zone
30 Southlawn Court
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 424-4450

A pitcher can throw a curveball, fastball, slider, change-up and other pitches. You have to be ready for whatever it is they throw to you. So you have to prepare as best and as much as you can. The Baseball Zone uses the Iron Mike arm throwing pitching machine, which simulates the pitch of an actual pitcher. Using this machine for your batting practice allows you to improve your timing, swing and rhythm. And with the speed of the machines being able to be adjusted, you can go at whatever level suits you. Build up your skills and one day you might be swinging at the championships.

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Laurel Golf Center
9801 Fort Meade Road
Laurel, MD 20707
(301) 725-4646

Companies are always looking for fun places to take the staff out for moral boosting and bonding. A rousing game of softball or baseball is a way to strengthen team work and have fun while doing it. With a softball field and nine batting cages, everything is there for you at Laurel Golf Center. Your company will finally know who the real athletes are in the office, and who are truly competitive. At 20 pitches per token, everyone will have a chance to work on their batting skills or just learn to bat, period. Remember, just because your boss is on the other team, doesn’t mean you have to let them win.

Cameron Run Regional Park
4001 Eisenhower Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22304
(703) 960-5714

Cameron Run is a local destination that children and families love to go to to spend some time outdoors, without the chaos of larger parks. One of the many wonderful things about the park are the batting cages. You can bring your own equipment or use the facility’s to swing at baseballs or softballs. Challenge your brothers, sisters, cousins, children or whomever you like to a friendly game of who can hit the most. Hopefully there won’t be any hurt feelings.

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