Best Artistic Photographers In DC

October 29, 2012 6:00 AM

The artists of DC are as varied and diverse as the District itself. This area boasts photographers in editorial, landscape, portraiture and still life that are unparalleled elsewhere. They experiment in commercial art, mixed media and unexpected aesthetics to challenge photographic norms and composition standards, leaving their mark on the area art scene.

connolly joshtree Best Artistic Photographers In DC

(credit: Cynthia Connolly, Josh Tree)

Cynthia Connolly
PO Box 12091
Arlington, Virginia 22219

Cynthia Connolly hails from L.A. and brings a national focus to her work in photography. Dealing with themes of national landscapes, forgotten products and the hidden corners of America, Connolly is acutely aware of the people, places and things that make up the American landscape. Originally working in the music industry, her aesthetic has developed from commercial music photography to eerie black and white artistic photography mostly consisting of still life and landscape. Connolly studied at the Corcoran College of Art + Design. This June 1, her “Letters on Top of Buildings” was purchased for the permanent collection at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Having studied graphic arts in one of D.C.’s most prestigious art schools and coming from the West Coast, Connolly’s work has a distinct American flavor, placing D.C. photography in the national conversation of contemporary art.

kirk postcards and pansies Best Artistic Photographers In DC

(credit: Gloria Kirk, Postcards and Pansies

Gloria Kirk

Gloria Kirk has been in photography since 1995 with work exhibited nationwide. As a D.C. native who has spent many years abroad, Kirk’s work takes on themes of local and international significance. As a black female artist, much of her work deals with identity and nationhood. Kirk has had a profound place in the D.C. arts scene. Her work has been exhibited and collected throughout the district.  Kirk is well-recognized as a superb artist, having won dozens of awards throughout the district and the nation. She has also played a significant role in several D.C. arts associations, including the Black Artists of D.C. See her work at the D.C. Arts Center, in collaboration with the Black Artists of D.C., as a part of the exhibit “The Blues and Other Colors” from Nov. 18 through Jan. 8.

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petro  close up diptych Best Artistic Photographers In DC

(credit: Brian Petro, Close Up diptych)

Brian Petro
1829 14th St., NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 270-7352

Brian Petro is one of the most promising rising artists in the District. His varied portfolio has been exhibited in traditional art spaces, corporate offices and posh commercial boutiques throughout the past couple of years. Petro’s work is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the D.C. fine arts scene as well. His aesthetic ranges from brightly colored mixed media to balanced compositions of collage. Petro breaks traditional norms with still life, abstraction and portraiture. Dealing with a variety of themes about the process and possibilities of creation, Petro’s work speaks to the activity and life of artists. Deeply reflective on personal experiences, Petro’s work maintains a critically intimate and expressive quality. Most recently, his work was exhibited at the furniture boutique Vastu and the real estate office Soethby’s.

tina williams wonderfulmachine Best Artistic Photographers In DC

(credit: Tina Williams, Kids)

Tina Williams
2807E Merrillee Drive
Fairfax, VA 22301
(703) 876-9723

Possibly one of the most recognized photographers in the D.C. area, Tina Williams has a rich portfolio spanning portraiture, landscape and still life. Williams’ editorial photography includes an extensive corporate clientele of local and national companies. Her portraiture ranges from commercial celebrities to challenging juxtapositions involving youth and themes of national identity. Williams has photographed major public figures including Jay Z and Sting, with work featured in national journals and magazines. Working with both traditional and digital photography techniques, Williams is recognized as one of the district’s most talented photographers.

andrew zimmermann b222 Best Artistic Photographers In DC

(credit: Andrew Zimmermann, B222)

Andrew Zimmermann

Fiercely loyal to the art of traditional photography, Andrew Zimmermann may be the only D.C. photographer solely committed to the original processes of photography. Zimmermann works exclusively in black-and-white, silver-gelatin contact prints. He upholds tradition with hand-worked dark room techniques for editing his photos. His work can be understood as homage to tradition, but also stands on its own as the product of a keen lens for composition and contrast. Zimmermann focuses on landscapes in particular, with variances between what can be found in an urban or a rural landscape. He brings the viewer’s attention to the details not normally noticed within the landscape of everyday life. His newest series “Cold River” can be seen at The Art League Bin Gallery in Alexandria, Va., from Nov. 8 to Dec 3.

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Kayleigh Bryant is a D.C. native, traveler, foodie, artist and frequent museum visitor. Her lifelong fascination with art has moved her to explore the themes, techniques and media artists have employed to express their ideas. Kayleigh has earned a Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History. Her work can be found on