While Black Friday may be the busiest shopping day for retail brick and mortar shops, Cyber Monday if the busiest online shopping day. Retail websites receive the most traffic to their websites on December, 2, the Monday after Thanksgiving. People remain in the shopping spirit and the Christmas shopping list is out in full force.

Tuckernuck is an online boutique, a one-stop retail destination for all-American products that are fresh and carefully picked. The vibe is classic yet edgy, and the woman behind Tuckernuck is willing to answer any styling questions for shoppers. CEO and co-founder of Tuckernuck, Jocelyn Gailliot gives her expert advice on how to successfully shop on Cyber Monday.

Jocelyn Gailliot

Get prepped:

Go to your favorite sites the week before Cyber Monday and create a wish list. Tuckernuck is adding a wish list feature where customers can pick, organize and store favorite pieces in advance and then see what is on sale once Cyber Monday rolls around.

Prioritize sites so you don’t miss out:

Since Tuckernuck is still a relatively new site, it doesn’t carry a ton of inventory or sell out of popular sizes quickly. You should think about your favorite shopping destinations, then start by going to the smaller, newer or more boutique sites since timing can be crucial in making sure you get the size, color, item etc. you want.

Do your policy research:

Return policies are so important when shopping online. Some sales are final, so make sure you know that in advance. A lot of websites tier their discounts, so read closely to make sure you fully understand the sale. For instance, Tuckernuck usually says if you spend a certain amount, you get an additional discount on top of the base discount. Also, look at shipping times. For most sites Cyber Monday is the busiest time of year, so expect delays in shipping. If you need an item immediately, you may want to pay for expedited shipping.

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Pay attention to descriptions:

It is definitely safer to purchase accessories online, but if you read fitting descriptions carefully, you can buy with confidence and discover some incredible clothes and brands online that would be really difficult to find in a brick and mortar establishment. If you are going to shop for clothes online, go to sites where you can see the items on models. If you can see the items worn in real life, it is always a plus. Tuckernuck added a feature on the product detail page where you can see Instagram photos of customers wearing the company’s clothing. This helps shoppers better understand fit by seeing clothes in action and on men and women with more realistic body types. Finally, if you are worried about buying clothes online, make sure the sale allows you to return the item and ensure there is free shipping on returns.

Purchase lust-worthy items:

Cyber Monday is all about discounts, therefore you should focus on buying items you have been lusting after but can’t justify buying without a little incentive like 20 percent off.

Put a little extra thought into your online shopping to make the most of these available, once-a-year deals. The most important factor is finding the best sale, which may take extra time. Utilize that shopping bag and browse around to compare prices.

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