There is nothing better than a new beginning and a chance to start the new year on a positive note, especially when you are tackling weight loss goals. Personal trainer Jeff Ansah is well known in the DC community for inspiring healthy living. His clients swear by his small group fitness classes and powerful exercise routines. Read below for his five tips on how to meet and maintain your new year’s weight loss goals.
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Jeff Ansah is a personal trainer and owner of Elite Bodies by Jeff in Silver Spring. He specializes in small group fitness and employs optimal fitness style training in combination with strength training as the core of his exercise routines. His program is ideal for weight loss and muscle tone. At the beginning of the new year he reminds clients to “take charge of your health and wellness and stay determined to see your goals through so that you have new and better goals the next new year!”

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New Habits, New Lifestyle!

This new year, replace some of your old habits that have stopped you from losing weight with new ones. Here are four simple changes that will maximize results. If you eat out a lot, try cooking more so that you can control the temptation to eat “bad food.” Be more active during the day, if you tend to sit a lot. Even swiftly walking around your workplace for 10 to 20 minutes will be enough to get your heart rate up and kick start your metabolism. Finally, drink more water and get adequate sleep. These are great examples of small changes which, if you adhere to long enough, will become habits/lifestyles you will not be able to shake.

Set Little Goals

Set little goals that will lead you to your final goal. For example: lose your first five pounds in January, take 10,000 steps daily, run a 5k in March.These little accomplishments will motivate you and keep you focused to reach your final goal but will also keep the New Year resolution momentum longer.

Keep Yourself Accountable

It’s important that you keep yourself accountable during your weight loss journey. Ask a friend to be your workout buddy so you can keep each other accountable! Be honest with yourself by tracking the days you were able to stay on track on a calendar.

Have A Nutritional And Exercise Plan

The only way to lose weight is if you burn more calories than you consume. This new year have a plan for your diet and exercise and stick to it! Remember, these are changes that you would want to keep long after the new year, so make sure you start by taking baby steps! If you have no idea how to go about having the proper nutrition and exercise routine, see a professional who can help you come up with the right regimen for your final goal.

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Be Patient

Weight loss is a journey and it takes time to reach the end of it. A lot of people get bogged down when they don’t see results immediately. Stay on top of this by making sure that you make your journey fun, and remember to enjoy the ride. Reward yourself every time you accomplish one of your goals! Assess yourself regularly and make the necessary adjustments. Look back ever so often to see how far you have come along and stay focused to achieve your goals and even surpass them!

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