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When it comes to hostess gifts, Jasmine suggests that the gifts be practical and thoughtful. “The best hostess gift requires no work from the hostess, is something that the hostess will use and will trigger memories of the giver.” Jasmine also recommends that the hostess gift “not be over-the-top or consist of completely irrelevant items.” Here, Jasmine provides five ideas for the perfect hostess gift.

Wine and Spirits

For a hostess gift that keeps on giving, go straight for the bubbly. “You can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine or champagne,” says Jasmine. Ask the hostess what type of food will be served at the party and pick your adult beverage of choice accordingly. For the best results, champagne pairs well with salty foods, sparkling wines complement fruity dishes and pinot noir is great for meals made with fresh ingredients like mushrooms and truffles.


To help create the mood of the night, pick up a beautifully scented candle. Not only is a candle “an easy and simple gift,” but they come in a variety of beautiful styles and make for a “constant reminder of the gift giver.” Furthermore, aromatherapy is said to provide numerous health benefits including enhanced mood and general feeling of well-being, reduced stress and balanced hormone production. Some of Jasmine’s favorite candle brands include Voluspa Candles, Rewined Candles and Lovespoon.

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Like candles, flowers can help make a room smell simply divine. Plus, they add gorgeous color and make a great centerpiece. Head to your local grocery store to pick up a beautiful floral arrangement or stop by your local gardening center and grab a beautiful plant like succulents or orchids. Stay away from bouquets however. “It’s only acceptable to give flowers when they are already in a vase,” advises Jasmine. “Cut flowers,” as in a bouquet, “will disrupt the hostess’ flow.”

Monogrammed Gifts

For the hostess with style, order a pair of monogrammed towels or napkins. “This is a personal gift with a personalized touch and shows the hostess that you thought about the gift ahead of time and took the time to order it,” says Jasmine. Other monogrammed gifts include necklaces, stationery, pillows, luggage tags, wine glasses, coffee tumblers, blankets and scarves.

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If your hostess has a sweet tooth, what better gift to give than a box of chocolates. Not only does chocolate make for a sweet treat, but it may also provide health benefits too. Dark chocolate is said to provide numerous health benefits including better cardiovascular health, reduced stress and even higher intelligence. “DC has several great chocolate shops so the gift has a local tie,” says Jasmine. Some of her DC-based chocolate shop recommendations include Chocolate Chocolate, Leonidas Chocolate and Cocova.

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