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The nation’s capital is known for countless things. While fashion isn’t necessarily at the top of the list, the fashion scene in Washington, DC is making moves – with a plethora of buzzing boutiques and successful publications to prove it. Refinery29, a well-liked website dedicated to emerging fashion trends, now features a DC section. DC Modern Luxury and Capitol File are noteworthy magazines worth reading that bring high fashion to DC residents.

Ava Mutchler
4238 Wilson Blvd., Suite 2216
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 525-3206

Among the charming DC boutiques is Fornash, a fast-growing fashion jewelry store. After residing in The Georgetown Shops, Fornash moved to Ballston Common Mall in Arlington. Ava Mutchler is the company’s web and marketing manager. Mutchler graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and originally joined the Fornash team as the retail manager. As the business expanded, so did Mutchler’s roles. She is a Northern Virginia native currently residing in DC.

As the head of marketing at Fornash, Mutchler stays on top of the latest styles and fashion news. Mutchler created “What to Wear Wednesday.” It’s a social media marketing campaign that Fornash posts each week to demonstrate how the staff mixes Fornash jewelry with everyday clothing. The weekly photos are a hit.

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Mutchler volunteered her insider scoop on the top five ways to dress with style this spring. Take note to get ahead of the curve and start shopping now.

Ruffles – Frills aren’t just child’s play anymore. Ruffles exude a certain feminine spirit that may be intimidating to some, but the trend is completely wearable by any woman. Ruffles are dramatic and have the powerful ability to jazz up any outfit.

Tip: Remember that a little goes a long way. You don’t want ruffles to appear overwhelming and take away from an ensemble.

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Blue Hues – The always-trusted geniuses at Pantone included blue hues in their spring 2013 fashion color report. The shades featured are dusk blue, a lighter tone, and Monaco blue, a darker tone. Color is continually big in the spring and summer seasons, so incorporating blue shouldn’t be difficult.Tip: Mix and match different shades of blue for a monochromatic look.

(Credit, Kelly Johnston)

Stripes – It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with stripes. Stripes are a classic and timeless wardrobe staple for people worldwide. They serve as a closet must-have and are an effortless go-to. Unlike polka dots and other patterns, stripes, whether the lines are thick or thin, pair well with virtually anything. Black and white stripes along with nautical-inspired stripes are most common, but have a little fun with multi-colored and disproportionate stripes.

Tip: Consider striped pieces as an investment. If cost per wear were calculated, you’d certainly get your money’s worth.

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Rag & Bone Spring 2013 (credit: Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images)

Bermuda Shorts – Bermuda shorts often carry a tropical, beach-themed connotation, but subtle and appropriate options aren’t hard to come by. While the length, usually just above the knee, may not be flattering for women of shorter stature, trial and error proves effective. A tucked-in blouse and belt is all you need when dressing up Bermuda shorts. American designers Peter Som, Rag & Bone and DKNY all designed Bermuda shorts for their spring 2013 collection.

Tip: Avoid wearing high heels and stick with flats or wedges with shorts.

Tortoise Accessories – Fornash can’t keep any tortoise-accented items on shelves. From sunglasses to jewelry, tortoise is a finish worth looking into, as, by popular demand, it is likely here to stay. Michael Kors offers delightful tortoise watches and bracelets.Tip: Tortoise is huge right now, so stock up. Incorporate tortoise in the hardware of your handbag. My new slogan is: Tortoise, because it was never about the hare.

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Kelly Johnston is a freelance writer living in D.C. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Fashion Retail and Merchandising and a minor in Journalism. Follow her on Twitter at @kellyfrancess. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.