Alleged White House Fence Jumper Found CompetentPsychiatrists say Omar Gonzalez, who is accused of jumping the White House fence and running inside the executive mansion before being apprehended, is competent to stand trial.
Fence Jumper Calm Day After Courtroom OutburstA day after his outburst in a federal courtroom, a man accused of scaling the White House fence was calm as a hearing on previous charges was postponed.
White House Fence-Jumper Screams, Forcibly Removed from CourtA man appearing in court in the wake of being arrested for scaling a White House fence screamed for help as marshals forcibly removed him from the premises.
White House Fence Jumper Appears in Federal CourtThe 23-year-old Maryland man who climbed over the White House fence Wednesday night has been charged with felonies for assaulting two police dogs and making threats, the Secret Service said Thursday.
Arraignment Delayed for White House Fence-JumperA federal judge on Tuesday delayed the arraignment of an alleged White House fence-jumper because of questions about his mental competence to stand trial.
Additional Charges Against Accused WH Fence JumperThe man accused of jumping a White House fence and running into the presidential mansion while carrying a knife now faces a new weapons charge.
Accused White House Intruder Armed in July Arrest Two months before Omar J. Gonzalez allegedly hopped a White House fence, dashed across the North Lawn and entered the executive mansion, he was arrested in rural Virginia, heavily armed and carrying a map of Washington tucked inside a Bible — with a circle drawn around the White House.