Biden: Immigration Crucial To American Innovation Vice President Joe Biden spoke to graduates of Miami Dade College in South Florida.
Dozens Dead In Odessa As Violence Spreads In UkraineUkraine launched an offensive against pro-Russian forces; officials say a fire in the southern port city of Odessa killed 31 people.
Protesters Seize New Building In Eastern UkrainePro-Russian militants stormed government buildings in Luhansk, one of the largest cities in eastern Ukraine.
Russia Accuses West Of Trying To Control UkraineRussian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says western nations want to seize control of Ukraine because of their own political ambitions as tensions rise between pro-Russian gunmen and Ukrainian troops. Ukrainian acting prime minister says Russian wants to start World War III.
Obama: Russia Not Abiding By Agreement On UkraineIn Tokyo, Obama accuses Moscow of doing nothing to decrease tensions in the region.
Ukraine: Military Secures Airport From AttackForces say they repelled an attack by about 30 gunmen at a small airport just hours after Ukraine government announces an "anti-terror operation" against pro-Russian fighters.
Rouhani: 'We Will Witness The Sanctions Shattering In The Coming Months'
Native Americans Seek International Support Charging US With Human Rights ViolationsA Native American group is asking the international community to charge the United States with human rights violations in hopes of getting help with a land claim.
Afghans Defy Taliban Threat To Vote In DrovesPresident Obama calls elections an "important milestone."
Cruz: Iran Taps Hostage Taker For U.N. AmbassadorCruz says Hamid Aboutalebi was part of the student group that took Americans hostage in 1979.
Obama Meets With Saudi King, Weighs New Aid To Syrian OppositionPresident is considering allowing portable missile launchers to help Syrian rebels.
President Obama And Pope Francis Find Common Ground And DivisionsThe two focused publicly on their mutual respect and shared concern for the poor.
NKorea UN Envoy: US 'Hostile Policy' Pushing Country To 'Brink Of War' North Korea's U.N. envoy in Geneva is accusing the United States of pursuing a "hostile policy" to isolate his country as the world body investigates alleged crimes against humanity in the reclusive communist nation.
First Lady To Chinese Students: 'I Grew Up Like Many Of You'U.S. first lady Michelle Obama encouraged rural Chinese students to aim high and get a good education despite humble roots, in a speech Tuesday that was delivered via satellite technology to remote communities in southwestern China.
More Planes Join Hunt For Missing Malaysian JetChinese satellite image renews hope that some part of Flight 370 can be found in the remote Indian Ocean.