Biden On Minors At Border: 'These Are Our Kids' Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the United States will be judged by how it treats the thousands of young immigrants showing up on its border, but warned that the U.S. will be forced to send some minors back to dangerous, unfortunate environments nonetheless.
U.S., U.N. Announce Deal On 12-Hour Gaza Cease-FireHumanitarian cease-fire begins Friday; organizers hope it will lead to peace talks.
Former National Security Adviser: The West Is Putin's 'Natural Enemy'Gen. Jim Jones says Vladimir Putin is engaged in Soviet style antagonism towards the U.S. and western Europe.
Study: HIV Diagnoses Drop In US, But Increase In Young Gay MenNumber of HIV diagnoses among younger gay men increased from 2002 to 2011.
U.S. Can't Rule Out Russian Role In Downing Of PlaneU.S. Ambassador to U.N. says plane was likely shot down by Russian SA-11 missile.
Study: Alzheimer's And Dementia Rates Decline In US, Wealthy CountriesThe rate of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias is falling in the United States and some other rich countries — good news about an epidemic that is still growing simply because more people are living to an old age, new studies show.
Obama Praises Egyptian Plan For Cease-Fire In IsraelObama hopes plan can restore calm between Israelis and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.
Indicted Russian's Family Say He's Innocent Family members of a Russian man charged with hacking in the United States insist he is innocent and fear he will die in custody if he doesn't have his medication.
17 World Cup Fans More Prepared For The Fourth Of July Than YouThese World Cup fans have a leg-up on us all when it comes to showing their patriotism and we all need to take cues from their American ways. Here are 17 World Cup fans that are more prepared for the 4th of July than you:
Report: Secret Loopholes Allow NSA To Bypass 4th Amendment ProtectionsInformation can be rerouted to overseas servers that are then collected by federal agents.
U.S. Fans Bought a Ton of World Cup TicketsSurprised the United States is the world's second-largest market for World Cup tickets, behind only host Brazil? You shouldn't be.
Team USA's Coach Gives Excuse To Miss WorkIf you need an excuse to get out of work Thursday to watch the United States-Germany World Cup match, Team USA's head coach has you covered.
Hillary Clinton: 'Too Soon To Tell' About IraqFormer Secretary of State says it's "too soon to tell" whether democracy can take hold in Iraq.
Not Knowing Anything About U.S. Soccer is Okay: 'I Believe That We Will Win!'It's okay if you don't know anything about U.S. soccer, or soccer in general, because the Americans just upset Ghana, and we have this amazing chant to rally around: "I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!"
Dempsey, Brooks Give U.S. 2-1 Win Over GhanaClint Dempsey scored one of fastest goals in World Cup history and John Brooks scored the game winner on a header in the 86th minute of a 2-1 U.S. victory over Ghana, which had knocked the Americans out of the previous two World Cups.