Hagel: Afghanistan Is 'Still A War Zone'The U.S. and NATO have ceremonially ended their combat mission in Afghanistan, 13 years after the Sept. 11 terror attacks sparked their invasion of the country to topple the Taliban-led government.
Study Finds As World Warms, US Gets More LightningLightning strikes in the United States will likely increase by nearly 50 percent by the end of the century as the world gets warmer and wetter, a new study says.
Ebola-Free African Nation To Begin Checking Visiting Americans For Deadly VirusAs the U.S. closed a gap in its Ebola screening, an Ebola-free African country said it would begin checking visiting Americans for the disease.
Supreme Court To Hear Cases Over Employment, Housing BiasThe 11 cases the Justices will hear in the new term will touch on everything from political spending to redistricting to racial and religious discrimination.
Afghanistan Signs Agreement With US Guaranteeing Continuing American Military PresenceAfghanistan swore in Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai as its second elected president on Monday, embarking on a new era with a national unity government which quickly signed an agreement with the United States that would guarantee a continuing American military presence to help confront a resilient Taliban insurgency.
France Joins U.S. In Fighting Islamic State Militants In IraqFrench president says forces will operate independently, but will welcome requests to coordinate with Iraqi and American forces to strike ISIS targets in Iraq.
South Korea Detains American In Waters Near BorderSouth Korean border guards arrested an American man who they believe was attempting to swim across the border into North Korea.
Chartered Flight With Americans On Board Diverted To IranDispute over flight plan from Afghanistan to Dubai prompted Iranian jets to divert aircraft.
Obama, Cameron Joint Editorial: Our Nations Will 'Not Be Cowed' By ISISFaced with a mounting militant threat in the Middle East, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron declared Thursday that their nations will "not be cowed" by extremists who have killed two American journalists.
Obama Announces US Will Send More Air Force Units, Aircraft To The Baltics
Obama To Send 350 More Troops To IraqThey will be assigned to protect the American Embassy in Baghdad.