Snowden: 'This Country Is Worth Dying For'National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is shooting down rumors that he is a spy for the Chinese government.
Snowden Says Of US Gov: 'If They Want To Get You, They'll Get You In Time'The man who told the world about the U.S. government's gigantic data grab also talks a lot about himself.
Snowden: 'I'm Not Going to Hide'A 29-year-old intelligence contractor who claims to have worked at the National Security Agency and the CIA allowed himself to be revealed Sunday as the source of disclosures about the U.S. government's secret surveillance programs, risking prosecution by the U.S. government.
Real Estate Agent: NSA Whistle-Blower, Girlfriend Moved Out Of Hawaii Home May 1A Hawaii real estate agent says Edward Snowden and his girlfriend moved out of their home in a quiet neighborhood near Honolulu on May 1, leaving nothing behind.
Hayden: Gov't Doesn't Touch Phone Records Unless Individual Connected to TerrorismThe supersecret agency with the power and legal authority to gather electronic communications worldwide to hunt U.S. adversaries says it has the technical know-how to ensure it's not illegally spying on Americans.
Study: Anxiety Drugs Found In Fish Could Have Evolutionary ConsequencesAccording to a new study, drugs that treat anxiety in people may alter the behavior of fish when the chemicals are flushed into rivers.
House Passes 397-0 Vote Against U.N. Internet RegulationOn Wednesday, the House unanimously passed a Senate resolution that saw both Democrats and Republicans in agreement on rejection of United Nations control of Americans’ internet.