Trump Disputes Comments Regarding Mandatory Database For MuslimsRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump is backtracking after reports that he would support a mandatory database to track Muslims in the United States, saying he wasn't the one who initiated the idea.
Holocaust Museum Says U.S. Shouldn't Turn Its Back on RefugeesThe U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is urging politicians and private citizens to avoid condemning Syrian refugees as a group.
Ben Carson Compares Syrian Refugees To 'Rabid Dogs'Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson compared Syrian refugees coming into the country to "rabid dogs."
Social Media Users Respond After White House Launches #RefugeesWelcome HashtagSocial media users around the world are speaking out on the acceptance of refugees in the United States with the hashtag #RefugeesWelcome.
Syrian Refugees Are Put Through Years of ScreeningThey must undergo a screening process that can take nearly three years, during which they are fingerprinted and required to submit other biometric information.
Former Presidential Candidate Posts Facebook Photos Of Bodies Lying In Pools Of Blood At Bataclan Concert HallFormer Republican congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo is facing criticism for posting on Facebook bodies lying in pools of blood at the Bataclan concert venue in Paris.
Things to Know About Syrian Refugees and the Vetting ProcessLawmakers and more than half of U.S. governors, mostly Republicans, have raised questions about the vetting process for Syrian refugees being brought to the United States.
Virginia Mayor References WWII Internment Camps In Letter Rejecting Syrian RefugeesThe mayor of Roanoke asked agencies to suspend relocating Syrian refugees to the area in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks and other threats.
Donald Trump: 'We're Not Bombing' ISISRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn’t believe the U.S. is actually carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
Obama Threatens To Veto House GOP Bill On Syrian RefugeesThe White House threatened a presidential veto Wednesday of House Republicans legislation aimed at increasing screenings for Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
Palin: It's 'In God's Hands' If I Run For Political Office AgainSarah Palin is “putting it in God’s hands” if she ever runs for political office again.