Christie: Obama 'Made A Mistake By Not Being Assertive' During Sony CyberattackWhether it was Sony's decision to cancel the release of a movie in the face of hackers' threats, Cuba's refusal to extradite a woman found guilty of killing a state trooper or pot laws that appear to be in conflict, Gov. Chris Christie repeatedly pointed his finger at one person Monday night: President Barack Obama.
White House Declines To Say Whether US Was Responsible For North Korea Internet ShutdownKey North Korean websites were back online Tuesday after an hours-long shutdown that followed a U.S. vow to respond to a crippling cyberattack on Sony Pictures that Washington blames on Pyongyang.
PR Specialist: Sony Cyberattack Threat To All Of HollywoodHollywood is on high alert as the Sony cyberattack by North Korea continues to reverberate worldwide.
Sony Lawyer: 'The Interview' Is 'Going To Be Distributed'President Barack Obama says the United States is reviewing whether to put North Korea back on its list of state sponsors of terrorism as Washington decides how to respond to what he calls an "act of cyber vandalism," not one of war, against a movie company.
China Not Directly Condemning North Korea For Sony HackChina says it has told the U.S. it is against cyberattacks and opposes any nation or individual launching such attacks from a third country, but did not directly condemn the Sony hackings that Washington has blamed on North Korea.
Obama: Sony 'Made A Mistake' Pulling 'The Interview' From TheatersPresident Barack Obama said it was a mistake for Sony to cancel its release of “The Interview” after facing threats from North Korea.
Iran Another Suspect Behind Sony Cyberattack, CBS News ReportsThe detective work blaming North Korea for the Sony hacker break-in appears so far to be largely circumstantial, The Associated Press has learned.
5 Things About 'The Interview' from Someone Who Has Seen ItA journalist who attended a screening of the film has revealed a few key tidbits about the controversial film.
Game of Thrones Author Offers to Screen 'The Interview' at His Movie TheaterWhile the alleged perpetrators in the Sony Pictures hack may have forced the studio to stop the nationwide premiere of The Interview, Seth Rogen has at least one theater interested in screening the film.
White House: 'Sophisticated Actor' Carried Out 'Malicious' Sony HacksThe White House says evidence shows the hack against Sony Pictures was carried out by a "sophisticated actor" with "malicious intent."
Romney To Sony: 'Don't Cave, Fight'The blow that the hacking attack has dealt Sony is spreading beyond the entertainment corporation itself to theater chains and movie goers alike. And the financial toll is adding up too.