Feinstein Warns NSA Critics: 'New Level of Viciousness' in U.S. Terror ThreatsThe head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said she's concerned about the idea that data collected from a National Security Agency program that harvests Americans' phone records might be stored by others.
Senate, House Intelligence Heads Agree On Rising US Terrorism ThreatThe leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committees say the terrorism threat against the United States is increasing and Americans aren't as safe as they were a year or two ago.
Feinstein Blasts Karzai Over Refusal To Sign DealSen. Dianne Feinstein has strong words about Afghanistan's president for refusing to sign an agreement governing the future of the American troop presence in his country.
Feinstein: 'No Clemency' For Snowden, Info Should Have Been Brought To CongressThe White House and the heads of the intelligence committees in Congress are rejecting a plea for clemency by National Security Agency-contractor-turned-fugitive Edward Snowden.
Feinstein Says 'UK Makes A Difference' Hours Before They Vote Against Syria AttackSen. Dianne Feinstein stated that the support and participation of the United Kingdom would make a difference to the administration of President Barack Obama as he continues to contemplate a military strike against Syria in retaliation for alleged chemical attacks. She made the comments hours before British parliament voted against military action in Syria late Thursday, leaving only the United States and France as the core of any coalition for action.
Libertarian, Progressive Americans Find Common Ground On NSA Privacy ConcernsCharlotte Scot isn't one to take things lying down — like the time President George W. Bush was re-elected and she moved to Canada in protest.
Senate Dems Reject House GOP Limits, Push Billions In Additional Domestic SpendingDemocrats controlling the Senate are pushing to spending billions of dollars more than their House GOP rivals on transportation and housing programs despite tough budget limits that promise to roll the increases back.
Feinstein: 'The Chase Is On' For SnowdenDemocratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein says “the chase is on” for Edward Snowden after the former National Security Agency contractor fled Hong Kong for Moscow as he seeks asylum in Ecuador.
McCain, Feinstein Join White House Official In Trip To Guantanamo BayWhite House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and two leading senators on national security are traveling to the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Fed Judge Behind Phone Records Rejected Obamacare In 2011Roger Vinson, the federal judge who approved the Obama administration's secret collection of telephone records of millions of Verizon customers in the U.S., made waves two years ago with a sweeping ruling invalidating President Barack Obama's health care law.
Feinstein: Feds' Secret Seizure Of Telephone Records Part Of Ongoing PracticeThe chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence committee says the top secret court order for telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon is a three-month renewal of an ongoing practice.
Feinstein: Tentative Deal Reached On Dispute Standing In Way Of Immigration BillA tentative deal has been reached to resolve a dispute between agriculture workers and growers that was standing in the way of a sweeping immigration overhaul bill, a key senator said Tuesday.
NRA Fundraising Largely Increases In Months Since Newtown ShootingsThe National Rifle Association has seen a massive increase in fundraising in the months since the shootings in Newtown, Conn., which prompted a nationwide debate on gun control.
Moore: Assault Weapons Ban Would've Been Voted On If Reid's Grandchildren Were Killed In School ShootingAcademy Award-winning director Michael Moore had some harsh words for Sen. Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats after they decided not to include an assault weapons ban in gun-control legislation.
Senate Panel Approves National Background Checks For Firearms Despite Solid GOP OppositionDemocrats gave a boost Tuesday to the pillar of President Barack Obama's plans for reducing gun violence, pushing a bill requiring nearly universal federal background checks for firearms buyers through the Senate Judiciary Committee over solid Republican opposition.