NYC Mayor Knocks Reports He Eyed Clinton To Run Mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed out Tuesday at reports that he encouraged U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to run to succeed him, and he pointedly praised the city official who has long been seen as his pick for the job.
McCain To Kerry: 'Thank You Very Much, Mr. Secretary'Sen. John Kerry, the next secretary of state?
Opinion: Susan Rice Thrown Under Democrat’s Bus And Tied DownIt is becoming more and more clear that it was liberal-leaning politicians who threw her under the bus and they are also the ones who are keeping her under the bus.
Susan Rice Holds Massive Stake In Canadian Oil Companies Secretary of State candidate Susan Rice holds nearly $600,000 of shares in TransCanada stock –the same company seeking approval from the State Department to build the Keystone XL pipeline.
Sen. Collins: 'Kerry Would Be An Excellent Appointment' As Secretary Of StateSusan Collins is the latest Republican senator who has doubts about Susan Rice serving as secretary of state.
CBS News: Susan Rice Favorite To Replace Clinton As Secretary Of StatePresident Obama wants to tap U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice as the next secretary of state, CBS News reports.
Condi Rice: Not Interested In Secretary Of State If Asked By ObamaFormer Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the Republican Party must adapt better to rapidly changing demographics in the United States, saying the GOP sent "mixed messages" in the election campaign on immigration and women's issues.
Opinion: Obama’s Talk Of A War on Women Contradicted By The Elevation Of Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton is a glowing example of the heights women are reaching in the United States in recent times. She contradicts the notion thrust forth by President Obama and his political party that there is an alleged-“War on Women”.
Opinion: Will Hillary Save The White House For Obama?With President Barack Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden messing up more and more on the campaign trail as time passes, rumors of Biden being sent home to Delaware for good have abounded since last Friday. Will Hillary Clinton step into his place to save the White House for Obama and the Democrats?
Obama, Clintons Deepen Political And Policy Ties Once a tense rivalry, the relationship between President Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton has evolved into a genuine political and policy partnership. Both sides have a strong incentive in making the alliance work, especially in an election year.
Hillary Clinton Makes Own Contribution To 'Texts From Hillary' MemeSecretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton showed a true sense of humor on Tuesday when she submitted a picture of her very own to the viral Tumblr account "Texts from Hillary."
Hillary Clinton's Mother Dies The Clinton family says Dorothy Rodham, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's mother and former President Bill Clinton's mother-in-law, has died at age 92.