Hillary Clinton Says She's Considering Presidential Run In 2016Mrs. Clinton says she wants to answer why she would run.
Kerry Warns Russia Against Annexing Ukraine's CrimeaU.S. and Europe are threatening economic and political consequences if Russia does not stand down in Ukraine.
2016 Dem Preview? Clinton's Favorability Higher Than Biden'sLatest Gallup poll shows Clinton with 59 percent favorability, BIden's is 46 percent.
Kerry: Syria's Assad A 'One-Man Super-Magnet For Terrorism'U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is ramping up criticism of Syrian President Bashar Assad, calling him a "one-man super-magnet for terrorism" who could be responsible for the disintegration of Syria.
Clinton: 'I'm Not In Any Hurry' To Make Decision About 2016Hillary Rodham Clinton says in an interview with New York Magazine that she is wrestling with running for president again but remains "pragmatic and realistic" as she considers a potential White House campaign in 2016.
Brazil Says It Needs Answers, Action Taken On NSA SurveillanceBrazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota on Tuesday criticized U.S. surveillance in Brazil and said the trust between the U.S. and Brazil would be damaged if U.S. explanations about the program are not satisfactory.
Kerry: Egypt At 'Pivotal Moment' In History As violence in Egypt turned increasingly deadly Saturday, Secretary of State John Kerry said the Mideast nation was at "a pivotal moment" more than two years since the uprising ousted the longtime President Hosni Mubarak.
Kerry Downplays Russian Confrontation, Labels Snowden 'Fugitive From Justice' Secretary of State John Kerry says the United States is not looking for a confrontation with Russia, where admitted NSA leaker Edward Snowden is believed to be hiding.
Kerry: 'Deeply Troubling' If Snowden Was Allowed to FleeU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that it would be "deeply troubling" if Russia or Hong Kong had adequate notice about Edward Snowden's plans to flee to a country that will grant him asylum and still allowed him leave.
Officials: Obama Policy Team 'Trying To Rein In' Kerry After Issuing Several Pledges To Allies, RivalsIn four months as secretary of state, John Kerry has certainly promised great things. Now he has to deliver.
Kerry Meeting With Venezuelan Leader In Hopes Of Improving Strained US RelationsU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is gauging prospects for improving badly strained ties between the United States and Venezuela.