Arlington Native Hopes To Break Scientist Stereotype With 'LabCandy'White lab coat. Thick goggles. Maybe geeky. Probably male. The stereotype of a scientist is fairly well set, but a young Arlingtonian is trying to shake that up.
U.N. Panel Takes Step Toward Combating Asteroid Threat
Scientists Make Cheap, Fast Self-Assembling RobotsIn what may be the birth of cheap, easy-to-make robots, researchers have created complex machines that transform themselves from little more than a sheet of paper and plastic into walking automatons.
Military To Develop Brain Implants For Injured VetsScientists will develop wireless implants that can help people with traumatic brain injuries recover memory function.
Obama Promotes Math, Tech Aid at White House Science Fair President Barack Obama is drawing attention to girls' science and engineering accomplishments as he announces efforts to diversify the nation's technological workforce.
'Science Ignorance Is Pervasive In Our Society': Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Question Big Bang TheoryScientists are disturbed from a new poll that reveals that a majority of Americans question the Big Bang theory.
Harvard Professor To NFL: Treat Concussions With PotA well regarded Harvard professor emeritus has a modest suggestion for the NFL: start funding marijuana research as a way to treat concussions.
Tooth In Child's Brain Sheds New Light On Tumor Formation
Study: Homophobic People Die YoungerSurvey participants who showed anti-gay views died an average of 2.5 years earlier than those who didn't.
Study: Americans Flunk Basic Science Facts But Like Science90 percent of respondents say scientists are working for the benefit of humanity.
Military Nears Holy Grail: Pizza That Lasts YearsResearchers close to developing pizza that can remain good to eat after 3 years without freezing.
Study: Bees Using Plastic To Help Build Their NestsResearchers find bees adapt to their environment by incorporating plastic into the construction of their hives.
Study: Flies, Humans Have Similar Strategies When It Comes To MotionAccording to a recent study out of Stanford, flies and humans share a computational strategy to perceive motion.
Alexandria Science Teacher Earns National Honor Two Virginia elementary school science teachers have been named recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence.
2 Va. Science Teachers Earn National HonorTwo Virginia elementary school science teachers have been named recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence.