Russian Foreign Minister Dismisses US Claims That Rockets Have Been Fired From Russia Into UkraineAt least eight civilians have been killed by fighting and shelling in two Ukrainian cities held by separatist militants, officials in the rebellion-wracked east said Monday.
State Department: US Has Evidence Russian Military Shelling Ukraine From Sites Inside RussiaThe Obama administration is accusing Russia of firing artillery to hit Ukrainian military sites and planning to send pro-Russian separatists more lethal weaponry.
Former National Security Adviser: The West Is Putin's 'Natural Enemy'Gen. Jim Jones says Vladimir Putin is engaged in Soviet style antagonism towards the U.S. and western Europe.
Malaysia Jet Victim's Bodies Arrive In The NetherlandsDutch mourners lined streets and highways as 40 identical hearses carried the remains of victims.
US Intel Officials: No Evidence Of Direct Russian Government Involvement In Shoot Down Of Malaysia Airlines FlightUkraine held a departure ceremony Wednesday for the bodies of many Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 passengers and crew who became victims of fighting raging far below them on the plains of eastern Ukraine.
Russian News Told Viewers Downed MH17 Flight Was Assassination Attempt Against PutinAn assassination attempt against Russian President Vladimir Putin. A desperate ploy to draw the West into the battle for Ukraine's east. A botched mission to commit mass murder against Russian citizens.
White House Defends Obama Headlining Fundraisers During Foreign, Border CrisesAmid a swirl of foreign and border challenges, President Barack Obama is embarking on the one mission that has regularly proved a winner for him — raising money for his fellow Democrats.
Hillary Clinton: 'There Is A Price To Pay For This Kind Of Behavior' Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that the U.S. and Europe should work together to develop tougher sanctions on Russia while she backed President Barack Obama's calls for a thorough investigation into the passenger jet that was shot down last week over Ukraine.
Ukraine Rebels Turn Over Black Boxes, Bodies From Downed PlaneReluctant cooperation may not be enough to soothe mourning family members, western governments.
Journalists: Smell Of Decaying Bodies From Malaysian Airlines Flight OverwhelmingDutch forensic investigators told armed separatists guarding train cars full of bodies from the downed Malaysia Airlines jet that the train must be allowed to leave as soon as possible Monday.
Obama: 'What Exactly Are They Trying To Hide?'President Barack Obama says Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine are blocking international officials from conducting an investigation into the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 that left 298 people dead.
Biden: I Looked Putin In The Eyes And Told Him He Didn't Have A SoulDoes Russian President Vladimir Putin have a soul? Apparently not, according to Vice President Joe Biden.
Sen. Graham: 'Obama Has Become The King Of Indecision'Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., had harsh words for the Obama administration for the way they have been handling global crises.
Ukraine Rebels Claim to Have Black Boxes, Moved Bodies to TrainsRebels have recovered the black boxes from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and will hand them over to the International Civil Aviation Organization, a rebel leader said Sunday.
Malaysia Jet Crash Bodies Placed on Train Headed for Rebel-Held CityArmed rebels forced emergency workers to hand over all 196 bodies recovered from the Malaysia Airlines crash site and then had them loaded onto refrigerated train cars bound for a rebel-held city, Ukrainian officials said Sunday.