Ukrainian President Denies There Was Agreement About Autonomy In Eastern Ukraine In Peace DealLeaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany on Thursday emerged from marathon 16-hour talks to announce a comprehensive peace deal for eastern Ukraine, but questions remained whether Ukraine and the pro-Russian rebels have agreed on all of its terms.
Top Military Commander: US To Start Training Ukrainian Soldiers Next MonthThe U.S. military plans in March to start training Ukrainian soldiers who are battling Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, a top U.S. military commander in Europe said Wednesday.
Obama Considering Lethal Aid For UkraineSource tells the New York Times the administration is taking a fresh look at whether to send American weapons and military assistance to the struggling Ukrainian military.
Q&A With Former Russian Hockey Player Vyacheslav 'Slava' Fetisov On "Red Army""Red Army" revolves around Vyacheslav "Slava" Fetisov - the captain, leader, and soul of the hockey squad. While you'll find the perfunctory highlights and archived evidence of Russia's hockey acumen, the film is wonderfully spliced by sidebars between Fetisov and director Gabe Polsky.
Putin Scraps New Year's Holidays For Government WorkersRussian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday scrapped New Year's holidays for government ministers because of the unfolding economic crisis.
Putin: Russia's Economic Crisis Could Last Two Years At MostRussia's economy will rebound and the ruble will stabilize, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday at his annual end-of-year news conference.
Russian Rocket Engines Suspected in Launch BlastCrews searched for scorched wreckage along the Virginia coast Wednesday in hopes of determining why an unmanned commercial rocket exploded in a blow to NASA's strategy of using private companies to send supplies and, eventually, astronauts to the International Space Station.
Russia Successfully Launches Cargo Ship To Space Station 9 Hours After US Rocket ExplodesThe owners of a commercial supply ship that exploded moments after liftoff promised to find the cause of the failed delivery mission to the International Space Station and warned residents to not touch any debris they might stumble across from the craft, which was carrying hazardous materials.
Russia Halts Student Exchange Program With US Amid Strained TiesThe U.S. Embassy in Moscow has voiced regret about Russia's decision to cancel its participation in a major high school student exchange program.
Garry Kasparov: Putin 'Most Dangerous Man In World'The chess champion says the Russian president is an even bigger threat to the United States than ISIS.
Ukraine President: 70 Percent Of Russian Troops In Ukrainian Territory Have WithdrawnUkraine's president said Wednesday that 70 percent of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory had been withdrawn since the cease-fire began Friday, as he vowed to introduce a bill to parliament offering more autonomy to rebellious regions in the pro-Russia east; both signs that the fragile truce could be morphing into a durable chance at peace.
'There Is No Cease-Fire For Anyone': Clashes Break Out Outside Rebel-Held Ukrainian City Following TruceClashes broke out Sunday outside the main rebel-held city in war-ravaged eastern Ukraine, throwing the freshly forged cease-fire agreement between government troops and Russian-backed separatists into further doubt.
Ukraine, Pro-Russian Separatists Sign Cease-Fire DealUkraine and the Russian-backed rebels have signed a cease-fire deal that starts in less than two hours, a European official at the talks said Friday.
Shelling Heard On Outskirts Of Ukrainian Port City Hours Ahead Of Cease-Fire TalksShelling was heard on the outskirts of a strategic Ukrainian port city as Russian-backed rebels pressed their offensive in the region Friday just hours ahead of talks that were widely hoped to bring a cease-fire.
Obama Calls Ukraine 'A Moment Of Testing' For WestThe president arrived in Estonia to reaffirm Washington's commitment to the security of ex-Soviet NATO members.