Russia Considers Deeper Military Role In Syria Despite US CriticismRussia is considering taking steps toward strengthening its role in the fight against Islamic fighters in Syria if conditions worsen, despite criticism from the United States.
Alex Ovechkin Vows to Play In 2018 OlympicsWith no agreement for NHL players to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics, Caps star Alex Ovechkin is taking matters into his own hands.
Russia Claiming Over 463,000 Square Miles Of Arctic Sea ShelfRussia has submitted its bid for vast territories in the Arctic to the United Nations, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.
Central Russian Officials Banning Yoga In City To 'Prevent The Spread Of New Religious Cults'Government officials in a central Russian city are banning yoga because they believe the exercise is a religious cult.
Security Expert: 33,000 Russian Soldiers Rehearsed Military Takeover Of Baltic SeaA security expert is claiming that tens of thousands of Russian soldiers rehearsed a military takeover of the Baltic Sea in March.
Ash Carter: US Sending Heavy Military Equipment To NATO Member States In Response To 'Russia's Provocations'The U.S. is sending some 250 tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment to new NATO member states in response to “Russia’s provocations.”
Putin: US Charges Against FIFA Part Of Attempt To Take World Cup Away From RussiaRussian President Vladimir Putin accused the U.S. of meddling in FIFA's affairs and hinted that it was part of an attempt to take away the World Cup from his country.
Poll: 59 Percent Of Russians View US As ThreatA Russian polling group found 59 percent of Russians see the United States as a threat.
No Breakthrough As Kerry Meets Russia's PutinThe United States and Russia emerged Tuesday from their most extensive, high-level talks in years vowing closer cooperation on Ukraine and Syria but unable to point to any breakthrough or new approach to bridge the major differences separating the two powers.
US Admiral: China, Russia Escalate Military Activity In Asia-Pacific RegionThe commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific said Wednesday that major land reclamation by China at outposts in the South China Sea could allow it to exert more influence over the contested area and deploy military assets such as long-range radar and advanced missile systems.
Russia: Missile System Given To Iran 'Will Not Jeopardize Security' Of IsraelPresident Vladimir Putin on Monday opened the way for Russia's delivery of a sophisticated air defense missile system to Iran, a move that would significantly bolster the Islamic republic's military capability.