McConnell Accuses Paul Of 'Campaign Of Disinformation'The National Security Agency lost its authority at midnight to collect Americans' phone records in bulk, after GOP Sen. Rand Paul stood in the way of extending the fiercely contested program in an extraordinary Sunday Senate session.
Surveillance Powers Set to Lapse With No Deal in SenateThe National Security Agency will lose its authority at midnight to collect Americans' phone records in bulk, after an extraordinary Sunday Senate session failed to produce an 11th-hour deal to extend the fiercely contested program.
Jindal Predicts Rand Paul Won't Win GOP RaceRepublican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul certainly raised hackles in his own party when he blamed the rise of the Islamic State group on Republican hawks, and perhaps none has taken more offense than Louisiana's governor, Bobby Jindal.
Rand Paul: Obama 'Disingenuous' About Ending NSA Bulk CollectionSen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., claims that President Barack Obama has been “disingenuous” about ending the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records.
6 Dem Senators Expressed Sympathy With Rand Paul's NSA Complaints During His Nearly 11-Hour Marathon TalkThe fate of the government's bulk collection of Americans' phone records is unclear following an FBI warning, House-Senate disagreements and more than 10 hours of criticisms by a GOP presidential candidate.
Rand Paul Begins Filibuster On Senate Floor Against Patriot ActKentucky Sen. Rand Paul took to the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon to filibuster against the Patriot Act.
Rand Paul Faces Tough Questions From Orthodox Jewish CrowdLooking to woo New York's Orthodox Jewish community, Republican presidential contender Rand Paul faced tough questions Monday about his support for Israel and his approach to foreign policy in the Middle East
Rand Paul: 'Our Founding Fathers Would Be Mortified' By NSARepublican Sen. Rand Paul lashed out against the federal government's sweeping surveillance programs on Wednesday.