Va. Education Leader Continuing Listening Tour The Virginia Board of Education's leader is continuing a listening tour to hear about important issues facing the state's public schools.
Maryland Pledges to Improve Teacher Evaluation SystemMaryland has become the first state in the nation to sign a memorandum pledging that all education officials will work together to improve the state's teacher evaluation system.
Report: DC and Md. Falling Behind When It Comes to Teaching Children With DisabilitiesThe U.S. Department of Education is changing the way it holds states accountable for the education of students with disabilities by adding more of a focus on student performance.
Thousands Of Illegal Immigrant Children Will Be Able To Attend Public SchoolsThousands of immigrant children fleeing poverty and violence in Central America to cross alone into the United States can live in American cities, attend public schools and possibly work here for years without consequences.
D.C. Releases New Set of Proposed School Boundaries D.C. officials have released new proposed public school boundaries after previous proposals that would replace neighborhood schools drew widespread resistance.
Study: No Link Between School Spending, Student AchievementDecades of increased taxpayer spending per student in U.S. public schools has not improved student or school outcomes from that education, and a new study finds that throwing money at the system is simply not tied to academic improvements.
D.C., Md. Schools Considering How To Make Up Snow DaysWith D.C. public schools and more than half of Maryland's 24 school districts having reached or exceeded their allocated snow days this year, officials are weighing their options about how to make up the days they've used.
D.C. Judge Tosses Out Most of School Closure Lawsuit A judge is dismissing most of a federal lawsuit that attempted to halt the closure of 15 public schools.
Internet Speeds to Get Put to the Test in Va. Public SchoolsThe Virginia Department of Education is encouraging the state's public schools to participate in a statewide test of Internet connection speeds next month.
Housing, Food Costs Top Rising Tuition Prices At Many US CollegesDespite all the grumbling about tuition increases and student loan costs, other college expenses also are going up.
Not Vacation: Summer Learning Programs Crucial For many students and teachers, summer vacation was more like summer term.