Ferguson Protesters Criticized for Blocking D.C., Baltimore TrafficCritics of the Ferguson protesters in D.C. say they are doing themselves a disservice by blocking traffic and are only angering drivers, rather than getting across their message.
Supreme Court Rules Protesters Could Not Bring Free-Speech Claims Against Secret Service Agents Guarding BushThe Supreme Court ruled Monday that a group of protesters could not bring free-speech claims against two Secret Service agents who were guarding President George W. Bush during a 2004 campaign trip to Oregon.
Turkish Official Takes Sick Leave Because Of Injuries To His Leg After Kicking ProtesterYusuf Yerkel, the top aid to the Turkish PM, was photographed kicking a protester who was being held down by soldiers.
Anti-Obama Protesters In Manila Clash With PoliceAbout 300 protesters voiced their displeasure with a planned Philippines visit by President Obama.
D.C. Police: Undercover Officers Didn't Break Any LawsThe D.C. police department has responded to a lawsuit accusing an undercover officer of infiltrating a protest group.
White House Protesters Join Manning in Asking for Presidential PardonAfter a military judge sentenced Wikileaker Army Pfc. Bradley Manning to 35 years in prison Wednesday, protesters gathered in front of the White House to protest and demand a pardon from President Barack Obama.
Conservative Conference Draws Lawmakers, Picketers More than a thousand conservative lawmakers and business executives are gathering this week for conference that could shape a new wave of Republican legislation in state capitols pushing for deeper tax cuts, limits on union powers and a private-sector makeover for government Medicaid programs.
U.S. Ambassador To Libya, 3 Others Killed In Attack The U.S. ambassador to Libya was among four Americans killed Tuesday after being attacked by Muslim protesters at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi over an anti-prophet Muhammad movie.
Lawyers Say IMF Protests In DC Were Recorded Newly produced photographs show that protests about a decade ago were recorded on video, contradicting earlier claims that no footage existed of the demonstrations where hundreds of people were arrested.
Video: Abortion Rights Protesters Clash With Police At Virginia CapitolVirginia's raucous legislative squabble over abortion restrictions took a more angry tone, replete with locker-room language, after 30 unruly protesters were arrested Saturday at the Capitol as police in riot gear responded with dogs and military-style rifles.
Police Arrest Protesters Occupying DC Building Supporters of the protesters cheered as officers led demonstrators outside in handcuffs and into two police vans.