No Ethics Case for Members Arrested During ProtestThe House Ethics Committee won't investigate eight House members arrested during an immigration protest near the Capitol earlier this month.
Truck Convoy Protest Left Major Delays on Capital BeltwayA convoy of tractor-trailers is circling the Capital Beltway in protest of the federal government and is causing some traffic problems in the Washington area.
Hemp Activists Dump Cash on Capitol HillThree activists apparently protesting agricultural giant Monsanto have been arrested after dumping bags of real cash in a Senate office building.
Pro-Immigration Protesters Arrested Outside U.S. CapitolSome 40 pro-immigration activists have been arrested outside the U.S. Capitol after blocking traffic while pushing for passage of legislation overhauling the system.
Rallies, Protests in D.C. After Zimmerman VerdictIn the nation's capital, hundreds of people marched from Malcolm X Park to Howard University on Sunday in protest of the Zimmerman verdict.
30 Arrested During Coal Miners Protest In West VirginiaThirty people were arrested Tuesday as some 5,000 coal miners and their families protested bankrupt Patriot Coal Corp.'s plans to cut benefits, a plan the United Mine Workers of America says amounts to a broken promise to tens of thousands of workers who made Patriot's predecessor companies profitable for decades.
Protesters Urge Obama To Reject Keystone XL PipelineA crowd of protesters from various environmental groups gathered outside the Getty mansion in San Francisco Wednesday night where they called on President Obama to reject construction of a pipeline that would transport oil from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast.
Klan Protests Renaming Of Parks In MemphisAbout 60 members of the Ku Klux Klan rallied Saturday in Memphis to protest the renaming of three Confederate parks.
Anti-Abortion Protestor Who Targeted Baseball Playoff Targeted InaugurationRives Miller Grogan has popped up all over the country performing dramatic anti-abortion protests.
Protestors Honk Car Horns In Disgust Over Tax Proposals In AnnapolisSome Maryland residents are honking out in protest of tax proposals.
Students Suspended For Organizing Walkout To Support Higher Teacher SalariesFour Northwester High School students were suspended this month after they organized a walkout to support increased teachers salaries and improve the quality of education.
Wikipedia To Be Blacked Out Over Anti-Piracy Bill Wikipedia will black out the English language version of its website Wednesday to protest anti-piracy legislation under consideration in Congress, the foundation behind the popular community-based online encyclopedia said in a statement Monday night.