Rove Group Ad Attacks Clinton For Alleged Role In 'Cover-Up' Of Benghazi AttackEven with the 2016 presidential election about three and a half years away, American Crossroads is taking Hillary Clinton to task for her alleged role in the “cover-up” of the U.S. consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya.
Romney: Heart Told Him He'd Win, Until He Saw FloridaMitt Romney says his heart said he was going to win the presidency, but when early results came in on election night, he knew it was not to be.
Romney Moving Into Office At Son's FirmFormer Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is moving into office space at his son's Boston-area venture capital firm.
Obama, Romney Draw On Different Bases In Va. President Barack Obama fared well among Virginians who want a president who cares about people like them while Republican challenger Mitt Romney was favored by voters wanting a strong leader and one who shares their values.
Huge Margin For Obama Expected In D.C.President Barack Obama was expected to receive the largest margin of his re-election bid in the city he's called home for the past four years.
Turnout Appears High In Many Parts Of The U.S.Turnout appears to be high in many parts of the country, with long waits at some polling places as voters deliver their Election Day verdict.
Biden Ends Campaign Blitz In Va.Appearing at the final rally of the 2012 campaign, Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that the nation was hungry for bipartisan solutions, such as those demonstrated by governors and mayors of both parties during Superstorm Sandy.
Va. Election Board Clarifies Poll Watchers' RightsVirginia's Board of Elections sent out last-minute instructions Monday to local election boards clarifying poll watchers' rights after Fairfax County Democrats sued last week, saying the county was training its precinct workers to illegally bar the watchers from speaking to voters.
Obama, Romney Make Last-Minute Pleas In Close Race President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney made last-minute pleas for votes Monday, employing their last vestiges of energy, celebrity boosters and plenty of jet fuel to encourage every supporter and the few remaining undecideds to tip the 2012 election in their favor.
Dash To The Finish - Obama's Busy End To His CampaignIllinois. New Hampshire. Virginia. Ohio. President Barack Obama has made his final days on the campaign trail into a sprint, hopscotching through seven states in one weekend - with multiple stops made in battleground Ohio - to cover as much ground as possible before Tuesday's election.
NJ Gov. Praises Obama But Will Vote For RomneyNew Jersey's Republican Gov. Chris Christie says President Barack Obama deserves praise for helping his state recover from Superstorm Sandy but he is still going to vote for Mitt Romney.
Ryan: Obama Appealing To 'Lowest Fears'Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is pitching the GOP ticket as one focused on serious solutions in the face of opponents "appealing to our lowest fears."
MoveOn Mailing Millions Of Voters 'Report Cards' That Detail Their Voting History“Every vote counts” is a simplified, yet important, political adage tossed around every election season, and as such, voter mobilization efforts are implemented in order to foster higher vote counts for political candidates.
Romney Moves To Reframe Debate On Abortion, Autos In ads, his own remarks and most recently the words of a top supporter, Republican Mitt Romney seems determined to soften emphasis on abortion and ignore facts critical to the auto industry as he seeks support from key voting groups in the waning days of a close race for the White House.
Romney, Obama, Talk Of Sandy Week Before Election Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney edged back into active campaigning on Tuesday while President Barack Obama stayed close to the White House, rival candidates calibrating their responses to superstorm Sandy and the misery it inflicted on millions.