He Might Be Back: Huckabee Eyeing White House Run Former Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas won the Iowa caucuses in 2008 before quitting the presidential race.
Rep. Cummings: 'It's Clear to Me' Cruz is Running for PresidentOne prominent Democrat believes Tea Party darling Sen. Ted Cruz will run for president in 2016.
McCain: I’m Being Urged To Run For PresidentU.S. Sen. John McCain says that he has been encouraged to make a third attempt for the White House in 2016 because of his role during the partisan fight over government funding.
Report: Condi Rice Turns Down Chance To Be Penn State PresidentAn aide to former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she was approached by a firm helping Penn State look for a new president but she was not interested, a newspaper reported Friday.
Former MSNBC Host Tweets About Health Plan Being CancelledFormer MSBBC host Dylan Ratigan is the latest to join those who are not pleased with President Barack Obama and the new health policy.
Clinton: 'Pragmatic And Realistic' About 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton says in an interview with New York Magazine that she is wrestling with running for president again but remains "pragmatic and realistic" as she considers a potential White House campaign in 2016.
As 2016 Looms, Clinton Keeps Up With Supporters Whether she runs for president or not in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton is making sure she stays connected to important Democratic constituencies, from college students and black women to the gay and lesbian community.
Chiefs Broadcaster Thinks RGIII Could be 'President of the United States'Robert Griffin III's potential is seemingly limitless, and "Voice of the Chiefs" Mitch Holthus actually believes that potential is so great, that it could one day propel him to being President of the United States, like of America.
Obama: Government Behind Oklahoma 'All the Way' President Barack Obama flew to tornado-ravaged Oklahoma Sunday, offering moral and monetary support to people still reeling from lost lives and shattered neighborhoods.
Maryland Gov. O'Malley Considering White House Run Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley said Wednesday that he is considering making a run for the White House in 2016 and will likely make a decision later this year.
Jeb Bush More Open To A Future White House Bid Jeb Bush has long resisted pressure from supporters to run for president, but now the former Florida governor is signaling that he's open to the idea.
Lebron James and Co. Celebrate NBA Championship at White HousePresident Barack Obama welcomed the Miami Heat into the White House Monday afternoon to celebrate their 2012 NBA Championship.
Obama, In Election Mode, Tightens His UN DiplomacyThe world's leaders are gathering in New York, but President Barack Obama has no plans to meet privately with any of them.
Captain America Has A Career Change To POTUSCaptain America has a new job with perks, a spacious office and a title that others spend millions of dollars to get: Mr. President.
Opinion: Obama's Campaign Speech 'Press Conference' In The White HouseThe White House Press Corps members finally got the White House Press Conference they’ve been shouting for. And they only have themselves to blame for letting Obama turn much of it into a campaign speech by the questions they did and didn’t ask.