Government Wants Strict Conditions for Man Who Shot ReaganIf the man who shot President Ronald Reagan is allowed to leave a mental hospital for good, he should have to live under strict conditions, wearing an ankle monitoring device and driving a car with a GPS tracking device, government lawyers said Thursday.
John Hinckley Returns to D.C. Court for Hearings on FreedomThe would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan is "clinically ready" to live fulltime outside a mental hospital, his lawyer argued in federal court on Wednesday.
Study: Reagan Speech Patterns Show Early Signs Of Alzheimer's While In OfficeA new study links former President Ronald Reagan’s public speech patterns and mannerisms to the early onset and development of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Reagan Shooter Won't Face New Charges in Brady DeathFederal prosecutors say the man who shot President Ronald Reagan and three other people in 1981 won't face new charges in the death last summer of Reagan's former press secretary.
African-American Professor: Reagan Did More To Help Black Education Than ObamaDr. Jahi Issa credits President Reagan with doing more to help fund black teachers at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
Scalia To Student: If Taxes Go Too High 'Perhaps You Should Revolt' Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told a crowd of law school students that if taxes in the U.S. become too high then people “should revolt.”
Former Reagan Press Secretary Larry Speakes DiesLarry Speakes, who spent six years as acting press secretary for President Ronald Reagan, died Friday in his native Mississippi. He was 74.
Reagan Shooter Granted More Time to Leave Mental Hospital, Visit Mother in Va.A judge has ruled that the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan will get to spend more time outside a mental hospital where he has been confined for most of the past three decades.
Reagan Executive Order Grants Intel Agencies Authority To Spy On Silicon ValleyBack when Yahoo was something hollered at a rodeo and no one could conceive of Googling anything, President Ronald Reagan signed an executive order that extended the power of U.S. intelligence agencies overseas, allowing broader surveillance of non-U.S. suspects.
Reagan's Shooter Asks For More Time at Mother's HomeA lawyer for the man who shot and wounded President Ronald Reagan says his client has been spending too much time at a psychiatric hospital and should instead spend more time at his mother's Virginia home.
Son Blasts Auction House Claiming To Sell Vial Of President Reagan's BloodA Channel Islands auction house says it's selling a vial that allegedly contains blood residue from Ronald Reagan — a move denounced Tuesday by the late U.S. president's family and his foundation.