One Last Batch of Rain, Storms Before the WeekendRain will stick around in the Baltimore and Washington area Friday after powerful storms toppled trees, downed power lines and flooded roadways throughout the region for two days.
Thousands Without Power After Strong StormsAbout 1,500 customers are still without power after strong thunderstorms battered the region Tuesday afternoon. The storms caused trees and power lines to topple.
Winter Storm Hits the D.C. Area by the Numbers Here's a look by the numbers at the storm that has dumped snow on the Mid-Atlantic region, causing few major problems but dealing one more blow to residents tired of winter and ready for springtime.
Power Outages Climb As Snow ContinuesA winter storm that dumped up to a foot and a half of snow on the Mid-Atlantic region is not causing major power outages — yet.
Thousands of D.C. Area Residents Without PowerThousands of residents are still without power after a heavy batch of thunderstorms hit the D.C. area Friday afternoon.
School Closures Due to Power OutagesThe severe weather that hit the area left trees uprooted and power lines down. At one point more than 50,000 customers were without power.
Thousands Without PowerThousands of people are without power after heavy storms moved through the D.C. area Thursday.
Power Outages, Traffic Delays Accompany Tropical Storm AndreaHundreds of customers are without power and motorists are facing messy roads as Tropical Storm Andrea approaches the mid-Atlantic region.
Power Out? Call These NumbersIf your power goes out here are the numbers you can call to report it.
Snow, Winds Leave 250K Mid-Atlantic Residents Without PowerAs rain changes over to wet, wind-driven snow Wednesday, utility companies throughout the D.C. metro region are dealing with power outages.
Power Outages Strike Stormy D.C. AreaHeavy rains and strong winds caused power outages throughout the D.C. metro area Tuesday night.