Metro: Power Problem Affecting 3 LinesMetro says three train lines are being affected by a power problem and that customers should be prepared for delays.
Expert: Aging Infrastructure Could Make Huge Power Outages More PrevalentAn aging energy infrastructure and workforce could mean that widespread power outages like Tuesday's, which affected the White House, the Capitol and thousands of other customers throughout Maryland and D.C., could become more and more prevalent.
Explosion at Power Plant Responsible for D.C. Area OutagesProblems at a Maryland electrical station caused widespread power outages across the nation's capital Tuesday, affecting the White House, the Capitol, museums, train stations and other sites.
Dulles International Airport Without Power for HoursDulles International Airport is experiencing some flight delays after a power outage.
Power Outage Affects Traffic Signals in BaltimorePower has been restored to several traffic lights and residents in downtown Baltimore, according to Baltimore Gas and Electric.
Blown Fuse, Faulty Cable Leaves 3000 With No PowerPepco says 3,000 of its customers in Washington were without power on Sunday due to a blown fuse box and a faulty underground cable.
Pentagon City Mall to Reopen, Power Restored After OutagePentagon City Mall and nearby businesses, including Best Buy, were left in the dark after a power outage Saturday evening.
Power Goes Out at Tysons Corner CenterTysons Corner is experiencing a power outage Sunday afternoon, but the mall is still open, according to the mall's Twitter account.
Power Restored to Most of Dupont Circle ResidentsThousands of residents of Dupont Circle remain without power Tuesday after three feeders failed in the morning, Pepco says.
Power Restored at Lincoln MemorialThe Lincoln Memorial was in the dark Monday morning due to a power outage that affected parts of D.C.
Blown Transformer Takes Out Power to Government BuildingsIt's lights out for several government buildings in Washington. Authorities are blaming a blown transformer and a construction mishap.