Poll: 40 Percent Of Americans Think Brian Williams Should Resign
Nearly 9 in 10 Doubt Obama, GOP Can Break GridlockAmericans may not agree on much lately, but one opinion is nearly universal: There's almost no chance that President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and the Republican Congress can work together to solve the country's problems.
Poll Shows Warner Ahead by 7 Percentage PointsA new poll shows incumbent Sen. Mark Warner with a seven percentage-points lead over Republican challenger Ed Gillespie.
Majority of D.C. Voters Expected to Vote in Favor of Recreational PotResidents are expected to say 'yes' to legalizing small amounts of recreational marijuana on Nov. 4.
Poll: Brown Leads Hogan By 9 Percentage PointsA new Washington Post-University of Maryland poll says Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown is leading Republican Larry Hogan by 9 percentage points in the Maryland governor's race.
Poll Shows Narrowing Gap in D.C. Mayoral Race A new poll shows a smaller gap between the District of Columbia's top two mayoral candidates than previous surveys had indicated.
ESPN: Poll Reveals One Redskins Player Thinks Team Should Change NameAn ESPN poll of current Redskins players revealed one unnamed player feels the team name should be changed.
Poll: Republicans Favored To Capture Senate In Midterm ElectionsRepublicans are predicted to take the Senate in November, with a 51-49 seat edge that could be increased or decreased by two points if the election were held today.
Poll: Local Redskins Fans Reject Name Change, Won't Buy Merch with New NameA new poll of 701 NFL fans in the Washington, D.C. area found an overwhelming majority of respondents to be in staunch support of the Redskins team name.
Study: Children Prefer to Road Trip With MomThe Fourth of July is a popular travel weekend, and a new study shows that adult children prefer to go on a road trip with Mom.
Poll: More Stressful To Care For A Spouse Than For Sick ParentsYou promise "in sickness and in health," but a new poll shows becoming a caregiver to a frail spouse causes more stress than having to care for mom, dad or even the in-laws.