Poll: 72 Percent of U.S. Says Religion Losing Influence on American LifeNearly three-quarters (72 percent) of the American public says religion is influence in the U.S. as a divide between the religiously affiliated and those without religion continue to widen.
Pew: Two-Thirds Of Mexicans Dissatisfied With Direction Of Their CountryA new survey from Mexico finds that the country’s residents have increasingly negative views of the economy and leadership, with 44 percent of Mexicans saying they believe life is better in the United States for those who migrated.
Poll: Twice As Many Americans Blame Hamas For Gaza Violence Than IsraelAmid calls for a cease-fire in in the Gaza Strip, more than twice as many Americans say that Hamas (40 percent) is responsible for the current violence in comparison to just 19 percent who blame Israel.
Study: 35 Percent Decrease In Full-Time Statehouse Reporters Since 2003Reporters sent to cover political action in U.S. statehouses across the country have declined dramatically in the past decade, with the number of full-time newspaper reporters declining by 35 percent since 2003.
Study: More Than 2 Million US Men Are 'Stay-At-Home Dads'The number of “stay-at-home dads” doubled in the past two decades to more than 2 million in 2012, with the largest number seen in poor families’ whose fathers are staying at home because they are ill or disabled.
Supreme Court Takes On Privacy In Digital AgeTwo Supreme Court cases about police searches of cellphones without warrants present vastly different views of the ubiquitous device.
Poll: 63 Percent Of Americans Against Personal Drones Being Allowed In US AirspaceA majority of Americans are against U.S. airspace being used for personal drones.
Poll: 39 Percent Of Americans Expect Teleportation Devices In Next 50 YearsA majority of Americans say that the technological developments of the next 50 years will have a positive impact on society, with 59 percent holding an “optimistic” view of various future tech advances ranging from positive to downright pervasive.
Study: Increase In Online Information TheftsThe number of Americans who say they've had important personal information stolen online is on the rise, according to a Pew Research Center report released Monday.
Poll: Majority Of Americans Say Obama Is Mixed Race, Not BlackA new poll finds that a majority of Americans say that President Barack Obama is mixed race instead of black.
Percentage of Stay-At-Home Moms On The Rise After Decades of DeclineAccording to a new study by the Pew Research Center, the percentage of U.S. mothers who don't work outside the home has risen over the past 10 years after decades of decline.
Survey: 19 Percent Of Americans Skeptical Of The BibleA new poll finds a sharp increase in the number of Americans who consider the Bible merely the teachings of men rather than the word of God, with nearly one-in-five Americans (19 percent) saying they are skeptical of the Bible.
Poll: 69 Percent Of Americans Say Alcohol More Harmful Than MarijuanaIn a national survey that shows the American public is ready for a truce in the ongoing war on drugs, a two-thirds majority of U.S. adults (67 percent) say that the government should focus more on providing treatment for people using drugs such as heroin and cocaine instead of jail time.
Poll: At 4-Year Anniversary, Majority Of Americans Disapprove Of ObamacareFour years after the law’s passage, the Affordable Care Act remains unpopular with the American public, with a majority (53 percent) of U.S. adults saying they disapprove of President Obama’s signature health care legislation.
Poll: Most Americans Feel US Should 'Not Get Too Involved' In Conflict Between Ukraine, RussiaA poll conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found that the majority of Americans feel the United States government should not get "too involved" in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.