Will Smith Supports Obama's Call For Higher Taxes One of Hollywood's biggest and best-paid stars is supporting President Barack Obama's call for higher taxes on the country's top earners.
Stinging Gas Sends May Day Protesters Fleeing Activists across the U.S. joined in worldwide May Day protests Tuesday, with anti-Wall Street demonstrators leading the way in some cities as they tried to recapture the enthusiasm that propelled their movement last fall.
Occupy Maine Demonstrates Outside Obama Fundraiser Occupy Maine, which decamped from a city park last month, showed it's still active with a noisy demonstration Friday evening outside a fundraiser for President Barack Obama at the Portland Museum of Art.
Roseanne Barr Seeks Green Party Presidential Nod Roseanne Barr said Thursday she's running for the Green Party's presidential nomination — and it's no joke.
Hundreds Of Occupy Protesters Rally At CapitolProtesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement will meet outside the Capitol for what participants hope will become the largest gathering of Occupy activists from around the country.
Occupy Movement: We're Here To Stay In 2012When it comes to the Occupy movement, opinions may vary from unconditionally support to staunch opposition, with countless gradients in between. The fact remains, however, that Occupy was one of the largest and most hotly contested stories of 2011. But what will happen to the movement in 2012?
DC Health Officials Worried About Rat Infestation At Occupy CampsDistrict of Columbia health officials are concerned by the presence of rats at two encampments at Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square.
Virginia School Accused Of Making Students Perform Pro-Occupy SongA song produced by Charlottesville area elementary school children that has been accused of supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement has caused school administrators to take more editorial control of the lyrical content of the songs.
Occupy To Expand Iowa Protests As Caucus NearsNow, to the dismay of Iowa Republicans, Occupy activists in Des Moines are vowing to expand their protests as GOP presidential hopefuls converge on the state that speaks first in the race for the party's presidential nomination.
Dozens Of Occupy Protesters Arrested After Shutting Down K Street In DCThousands of people protesting what they say is corporate greed and the role of money in politics on Wednesday shut down Washington's K Street, known as the home of lobbying in the nation's capital.
Occupy Richmond Moves To Backyard Of Mayor's NeighborOccupy Richmond offered Mayor Dwight Jones an ultimatum Monday night: allow public protest on city property or prepare to be occupied.